Louisiana Construction Accidents

In Louisiana there were 27 reported construction related fatalities in 2008 of a total of 127 workplace fatalities in the State. Of the 27, 7 resulted from contact with an objects and equipment, 7 from falls, 3 from exposure to harmful substances or the environments and 9 related to transportation incidents. Many more were injured in construction site accidents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.4 reportable injuries per 100 construction workers for a total of 3,238 reportable Louisiana construction injuries. The highest number of reportable injuries were found in residential building construction (4.2 per 100 employees), highway, street and bridge construction (3.6 per 100 employees) and foundation, structure and building exterior contractors (5.6 per 100 employees).

Injuries and deaths occur despite written safety manuals, safety checklists and weekly safety meetings. Generally, an injured worker cannot sue his or her own employer for work related injuries. The injured workers remedy is in receiving workers compensation benefits; however, if the injured worker can successfully demonstrate a third party's negligence caused the injuries, that third party can be held liable.

Some potential third parties may be the owners, general contractors, construction managers, design engineers, inspectors, subcontractors and other workers and perhaps even the manufacturers of defective equipment.

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