18 Wheeler Overturns off I-10

New reports and photos from April 9 Times-Picayune online report provide yet another example of how heavy vehicle accidents affect traffic on local highways.

Photos from the newspaper show an 18 wheeler truck overturned off of route I-10 between the Williams and Loyola accidents in Kenner.

Professional New Orleans personal injury attorney teams understand that these kinds of heavy truck accidents happen with some frequency on New Orleans area highways. For example, a January report shows another 18 wheeler truck overturned off of route I-90, another busy corridor through the city.

In both cases, the trucks overturned in a direction away from the road, so that any cargo on top of the trailer would spill out onto a shoulder, and not onto the roadway. However, each of these accidents presents its own different challenges and hazards for other drivers. First responders need to get there quickly and secure the area, providing safety signage and other warning equipment. Drivers need to slow down and look for these kinds of obstacles in the roadway.

Dealing with Heavy Vehicle Accidents

In looking at personal injury claims and advancing a client’s interests in court, a New Orleans personal injury attorney will evaluate different factors regarding these kinds of large vehicle or multi-vehicle accidents. It’s critical to look at what kinds of precautions were in place, and what kinds of road hazards existed in that local area when the initial accident happened. There’s also the challenge of establishing scene-of-the-accident details and documenting the condition of each driver, i.e., whether they were distracted by devices, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise driving improperly at the time of the accident. All of these details will ultimately have a bearing on how legal professionals advance a case in court, and how personal injury settlements are awarded.

Injury victims rely on qualified personal injury lawyers to do all of this fact finding and research to support the claim. A New Orleans personal injury attorney will also work on a local basis, with particular understanding of federal, state and local law, as well as local conditions that can have a bearing on personal injury cases. Qualified personal injury law firms will counsel injury victims on how to report injuries, how to get medically evaluated, and how to proceed with the case.

Finding a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney in New Orleans

If you or someone you love has been injured in a traffic accident or other incident in the state of Louisiana, call the law offices of Lavis Law and talk to a professional personal injury attorney about your case. We’re committed to helping you work through your case to collect the money that you need to recover costs, to protect your family’s financial future. Call and let us help you evaluate a personal injury claim, to get started on getting justice for you and your family.

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