Arson Rash Causes Concerns in Baton Rouge

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A series of small fires in March have drawn the attention of Baton Rouge law enforcement professionals. Local tv affiliate WAFB reported March 20 on several “small fires” that were set the previous night. No injuries were reported in one such fire, set in a storage area at a local development housing complex. Reports also indicate no homes were damaged in the incident.

Dealing with Arson

Arson is a major public safety risk in several ways. Obviously, fires that quickly burn out of control cause immense property damage, and even injury and loss of life for those trapped in the path of the fire; but local fires also involve their own chaos factor as fire crews rush to a fire emergency. This can complicate local traffic patterns and cause panicking behavior by local residents.

There’s also the issue of motivation for arson, which is defined as a deliberate use of incendiary devices. Louisiana also has a definition of “injury by arson” that involves bodily harm to anyone injured as a result of a deliberate fire or explosion, including first responders, firefighters or law enforcement personnel.

In looking at a New Orleans or Baton Rouge personal injury case involving arson, a Louisiana injury lawyer will look carefully to distinguish elements of criminal law from civil law and the responsibility of involved parties to provide for injury victims. This may mean researching issues involving insurance companies, building or property owners, or local governments.

Personal injury lawyers do this to advance the interests of their clients, who rely on qualified representation to get money that they need for the costs of care and much more. Without compensation, an injury can have a devastating effect on a family’s finances. That’s why injury victims in Louisiana are so reliant on a Louisiana injury lawyer to secure this money in order to pay for everything from surgical procedures to physical rehabilitation and other medically necessary care.

How Else Does a Louisiana Injury Lawyer Work for Clients?

Along with looking at the criminal statutes for injury by arson, a Louisiana injury lawyer will also help with the very important issues around research and case law. This may involve detailed fact-finding and assisting clients with medical documentation. Personal injury attorneys can help clients work through challenges such as a statute of limitations for a case, or restrictions based on accident chains of evidence.

A Local Louisiana Injury Lawyer

In Louisiana, residents can get qualified legal representation from the offices of Lavis Law, a personal injury and wrongful death firm that has helped many local residents to exercise their rights under the law. Let us help your family to work through an accident injury and secure the settlement needed to care for an injured family member.


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