Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer – A Nation in the Grip of Cold

It’s been an unusually brisk new year, and that’s saying it mildly. 2014 brought rare ‘polar vortex’ storm activity that has caused massive damage as it worked its way across the country.

January 8 Associated Press coverage details some of the effects of brutally cold weather in areas like Atlanta, with a record low of 6 degrees January 7. Places like Boston and New York saw temperatures in single digits, and even gulf area states saw unusual freezes. The AP report details temperatures of one degree in Reading, Pennsylvania, and 2 degrees in Trenton, New Jersey, adding details about school outages, abandoned homes, shelter activity and damage to farming operations, as well as commercial businesses.

Down in the Gulf

In areas like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and other places around the state of Louisiana, residents aren’t particularly vulnerable to the cold of winter. These areas tend to experience much more devastating effects around storms that tend to happen in more temperate seasons, and the natural latitude of gulf states shields them from most of the low temperatures that can threaten a community in many ways.

However, these cold-weather phenomena can cause rare freezes that Louisiana residents and travelers have to look out for. A driving community unaccustomed to icy roads can be vulnerable to hazardous road conditions. In areas like Baton Rouge or New Orleans, where traffic congestion is not unusual, these risks can be even higher. A Baton Rouge car accident lawyer or another legal expert who works in or near one of these major cities knows a lot about local risk factors, as well as local statistics, state and local laws, and other details that will have a major bearing on what local courts have to say when a personal injury winds up being scrutinized within the justice system. Representing personal injury clients often requires a “community approach” where legal teams take many different ‘realities’ on the ground into consideration.

Safety on the Road: Looking Out for Hazard Conditions

Individual drivers have to be attentive to inclement weather and different driving patterns. They have to know when to slow down and how to brake safely. As a professional such as a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer will have a working understanding of, most car accidents are somewhat complicated equations of risk factors that blend to cause unfortunate injury or even tragic fatalities to occur. In other words, a general responsibility is shared by those on the road, and others who plan for or maintain systems related to safety. That can be especially evident after an accident when those who are affected by the results start looking at how these awful events happened.

Residents in Louisiana cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans can benefit from getting legal representation after an accident and personal injury. Call Lavis Law to get more information from a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer on building a case within the state of Louisiana, to get your family necessary compensation after a loved one is injured in an accident.

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