Baton Rouge Driver Loses Control In Single-Vehicle Fatality

Traffic fatalities are always tragedies. The difference is that sometimes they happen in the context of a single driver in a single vehicle, where others involve multiple individuals.

The former category of accidents, while still a major challenge for families, first responders and others involved, may involve less dedicated investigation and fact-finding. The professionals called upon to document and analyze these cases still need to look for a context for the accident, in order to assist the grieving family. But in other kinds of accidents, terrible results lead to a very detailed process where car accident lawyers and other experts sort through the various responsibilities of drivers and others responsible for facts on the ground, for example, where lack of safety precautions may have contributed to a collision.

Louisiana: Major Traffic Accident Factors

Most Louisiana public officials at the state level could easily tell you about the most major factors in severe traffic accidents. A legal professional, such as a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer would also be intimately familiar with it.

One is when a vehicle is operated significantly above the speed limit. Speed limits are made to preserve the ability of the driver to control the vehicle. Operating in excess of the speed limit means that curves or other challenges may overcome the driver’s ability to keep the vehicle on the road. That is just one of the reasons why law enforcement strictly enforces speed limits. In addition, Louisiana is known to have a high rate of speeding motorists in contrast to the national average.

Another factor is the use of alcohol and drugs. High rates of DUI and DWI remain a challenge in many states and local communities, including in Louisiana cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

A third major factor is the intrusion of technology into the driving process, which is essentially a national problem. Now, as more facts are coming out about distracted driving, consumer advocates and companies are looking to change the ways that mobile devices work in order to minimize this kind of serious danger. But as a society, we still have a long way to go to lower the negative impact of cell phones and other mobile gear for drivers.

Unfortunately, a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer or other personal injury attorney in Louisiana can point to many instances of these major factors leading to single vehicle or multiple vehicle fatalities, such as this report February 4 from local television affiliate WAFB.

Getting Legal Assistance in Baton Rouge

The families of drivers or passengers in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, or elsewhere in Louisiana, can get advice from a qualified Baton Rouge car accident lawyer by calling the offices of Lavis Law. We offer assistance in personal injury cases, to help victims and families recover from serious traffic accidents or other accident scenarios. Talk to us about the facts in a personal injury case to start to move forward and protect a family’s finances by seeking a just and equitable legal result.

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