Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer – Theft, Murder Highlight Risks in Armed Security Industry

NOPD is looking for a person of interest in a December 18 robbery that ended in murder. In online coverage from the Times-Picayune, staff writer Naomi Martin reported on law enforcement efforts January 2. Police have a sketch of an individual, as well as a getaway car used in the crime.

The FBI is also involved, after a chilling incident that involved three gunmen firing on a local 45-year-old security worker with no warning, according to FBI sources, at the corner of South Carrollton and South Claiborne Avenues in a Chase Bank parking lot.

The Reality for Security Workers

This kind of tragic story, an extreme example of violent crime, shows how security workers are among various sets of uniquely vulnerable workers in many communities. The nature of their relative safety has to do with local crime statistics and other aspects of their environment. However, it also has to do with their role in a greater system. Workers who operate or load armored truck, and some other security staffers, effectively operate between conflicting parties, particularly, between a system of accumulated wealth, and opportunistic criminals bent on enriching themselves through aggressive and often psychotic behavior.

Security workers operate on the frontier of a money handling system that is routinely assessed or “cased” by criminals. Those who see an opportunity to strike in a particular way and successfully steal a large amount of money can be induced to act in unusual and disturbing ways. In a sense, those on the front lines are stuck in the middle of an established protocol for handling what’s attractive to a specific criminal element, something that may come up when a Baton Rouge injury lawyer or other legal professional looks into an injury incident.

Invisible Hazard

It’s easy to forget that security workers face these kinds of risks. They may not be advertised in job materials or come up as part of regular meetings. But that doesn’t mean that those dangers don’t exist. Nor are armored car guards or loaders the only security workers at risk. Those manning checkpoints or patrolling public spaces can also encounter violent criminals without good judgment, and suffer injury or death as a result.

Protecting Security Workers

Security workers need appropriate tools for their jobs. These may include weapons, monitoring equipment, or defensive equipment such as helmets, vests and other personal protective gear. In situations where these have not been provided, someone such as a Baton Rouge injury lawyer may look carefully at what wasn’t done prior to the event. Employers may be found partially at fault after an extreme and unprecedented hazard occurs.

Legal Help in Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Cases

Around the state of Louisiana, families who suffer after a personal injury or wrongful death scenario can talk to a Baton Rouge injury lawyer or New Orleans injury attorney about their needs. The law offices of Lavis Law will help do the fact-finding required to build a case and help get compensation for clients.

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