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Pool Safely – Important Safety Tips When Opening Your Pool for the Season

It will not be long before the cold days of winter are far behind and the warm days of summer are on the way. When the winter season finally comes to an end, the thoughts of pool owners turn to the back yard, where that vast expanse of crystal clear water awaits. Whether you open your pool on the first warm day of spring or wait until later in the season, safety should be your number one consideration for all age groups. A lot can happen to your pool over the winter months, and even the best-prepared pool will need a basic safety checklist before it can be opened for the season. Here are some essential elements that belong on your spring pool safety checklist. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 4, so never leave a child unattended or near water, teach children how to swim and to stay away from pool or spa drains, ensure pools and spas have complaint drain covers, install proper barriers, covers and alarms on and around your pool and spa. learn how to perform CPR on children and adults; Grab a sample of pool water and have it professionally tested. Imbalances or impurities in the water will harm the filter and other components, but poor-quality water could also make you or your family members sick.  Change the filter before you open your pool for the season. The filter has an important job to do: filtering out impurities […]

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Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer – Energy Companies Work Hard on Power Restoration

Even down in the Gulf area, energy customers are experiencing some power outages, and the Entergy company is hard at work fixing them. One example comes from this Times-Picayune online coverage January 6. Writer Carlie Kollath Wells announces a successful repair for the Lakeview area, where almost 400 customers lost energy in the morning. An interactive map shows the precise occasions of outages in the Lakeview and Bayou St. John’s area in the heart of the city, above Route 10. Winter Outages In terms of what many East Coast cities and more northern areas face during the winter season, outages like the recent one in central New Orleans are just a tiny blip on the radar. Much greater issues come up when thousands of customers lose power for much longer periods of time, especially when winter temperatures are below freezing. One example came in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the New York/New Jersey area, where a generalized power outage required all sorts of relief efforts for local residents. But even these smaller outages can cause problems for residents. In colder temperatures, it’s essential to keep power running to homes and buildings, in order to keep heating systems working. That’s not to mention the issue of food storage and spoilage, the comfort of local customers, and the loss of income to businesses and the self-employed. Also, in southern areas like New Orleans, residents and businesses may be less likely to have generators and other resources to help battle the results […]

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NOLA Government Pitch to Change Criminal Background Checks

A proposal by the administration of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu advocates taking more of a ‘wait and see attitude’ when it comes to whether certain kinds of legal histories will disqualify candidates for public service jobs. November 18 coverage in the Times-Picayune online shows the city’s Civil Service Commission has reviewed a policy request that would do away with some early flagging of criminal records on job application forms. Although it’s not a substantial policy change in terms of how background checks are used, the change would allow a job applicant to get his or her foot in the door without being screened out because of various kinds of past convictions. Proponents say it’s part of giving a greater population a chance at professional development and economic prosperity. Employment – The Bigger Context Reports show that the proposal would make sense in terms of what’s done in other big cities around the country, and that it follows U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. A New Orleans car accident lawyer or someone who has represented defendants from different kinds of non-violent offenses might also say that it’s part of avoiding a punitive approach that affects the defendant unfairly throughout his or her future life in terms of opportunities for advancement. Delaying this kind of basic red flag system would give human resources managers more of a responsibility to thoroughly review an individual application. Hiring managers and others would eventually look at exactly what a candidate was convicted of, and more […]

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Accidents at Louisiana Refineries: ExxonMobil, Calumet Lubricants and CITGO Refuse Invitations to Collaborate In Good Faith to Solve Problems

According to a new report by the Bucket Brigade, other neighborhood environmental groups and the United Steelworkers Union Refinery accident data is underestimated; the number of accidents is likely far higher than detailed in this report. A Accident reduction is an opportunity for job creation and economic growth. Hiring more workers and adding maintenance programs will make a refinery safer. Emissions control technologies can save corporations money and product in the long term. Refineries do not have sufficient storm and hurricane preparedness plans. Twenty-seven percent of all emissions to the air and 64% of emissions to the ground and water between 2005 – 2009 occurred during bad weather like storms or hurricanes. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if storm preparedness plans were followed, facilities invested in back up power systems and wastewater treatment capacities were increased to handle Louisiana rains. Refineries are not being thorough in their investigations of the accident causes; from 2005 – 2009, 20% of all accidents had no information about the cause. Management trends — including laying off workers and deferring maintenance — may result in short-term profits for the parent corporation but are generally making refineries more dangerous. ExxonMobil’s two refineries (Baton Rouge Refinery and Chalmette Refining) have the most frequent accidents and the largest emissions from accidents. The refining industry is not capitalizing on this opportunity to collaborate to solve the accident problem. Twelve of the state’s 17 refineries — including worst offenders ExxonMobil, Calumet Lubricants and CITGO — have refused […]

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