LAWORKS.NET Will Pay a $300 Per Week Federal Supplement For Those Getting $100 In Unemployement

President Trump ordered Governors to work with FEMA to set up a “Lost Wages Assistance Program” $300 weekly federal payments will supplement Louisiana unemployed  who are receiving at least $100 in weekly unemployment; Economists estimate that the federal supplement will last only one to two months before the money allocated runs out. On Saturday, President Trump ordered Governors to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to set up a “Lost Wages Assistance Program” to distribute supplement payments of up to $400 to the 30 million who are unemployed.  The FEMA Disaster Relief Fund would contribute up to $44 Billion.  Louisiana would have been responsible for payment of $100 of the $400 supplemental payment but has been granted an exemption to count amounts already paid in weekly unemployment towards the $100 per week obligation. Until July 31, 2020, The Cares Act provided a $600 per weekly federal supplement to anyone qualified for $1 dollar of Louisiana Unemployment Benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Benefits.  Louisiana has an unemployment rate of 9.7%. The $600 payment ended because The US House and Senate could not agree on an extension.   Both believe an extension is necessary.  The Senate wanted a $200 per week supplement and the US House, a $600 a week supplement.  The President split the difference and signed an executive order for a $400 per week payment and required States to pay $100 of the $400 weekly amount. Louisiana has opted to pay $300 per week supplement to those who receive at […]

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Louisiana Unemployment Insurance Claim Work Search Requirement Is Back! What are the Exceptions?

According to a recent video, Louisiana has brought back the Work Search Requirement to receive Unemployment benefits “because $600 federal unemployment supplement has ended.” However, there are exceptions for COVID-19 related issues and exempt claims. Work Search is looking for a job online, by email, by fax, by phone or by attending a job fair in person or virtually. Keep a list of all prospective employers you contact each week. When it is time to file your weekly certification, you will enter this in the work search portion every week unless you are exempt or not able and available for work due to COVID-19. According to the video, you should login and complete your “Eligibility Review Questions” Next, you should fill out the Employer Information where you fill in information about the prospective employer(s). You only need to enter as much information as you are able to enter about the name, address and contact for the employer. Then you will enter the Job Title, Date You Contacted the Employer and the Status of the Job. You will complete these steps for all three jobs you searched for to satisfy your work search efforts. If you answered “NO” to the question, “Were you able and available for work?” AND it is due to due to a Covid-19 issue, enter COVID-1, COVID-2 and COVID-3 as your 3 employer contacts and leave the other fields blank. Also, some claimants are exempt from Work Search and will not be asked to complete […]

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Acpuncture & the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act

Acupuncture & Louisiana Workers Compensation Tao Te Ching says, “One gave birth to two,” which came to be known as yin and yang. Yin and yang are the polarities of the universe – night and day, life and death, male and female and, perhaps even plaintiffs’ attorney and defense attorney.  Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains the root cause of all disease is an imbalance in the yin/yang polarity of various energy systems in the body. Prodded in part by the pain medicine epidemic, as well as a better understanding of Eastern therapies, health providers have nudged the Louisiana Department of Labor to turned towards Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), particularly acupuncture, as both a viable alternative and complementary medical care to treat chronic pain and the spine disorders. While both the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act and Western medicine may not recognize a yin and yang energy imbalance, Western medicine studies suggest that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system at the level of the brain, promotes deep relaxation, and affects the release of neurotransmitters. Acupuncture is commonly used as an alternative or in addition to traditional Western pharmaceuticals. It is commonly used when pain medication is reduced or not tolerated. It may be used as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation, surgical intervention, and or as part of multidisciplinary treatment to hasten the return of functional activity. Acupuncture can be used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, increase range-of-motion, decrease the side effect of medication-induced nausea, promote relaxation in an anxious patient, and […]

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Pool Safely – Important Safety Tips When Opening Your Pool for the Season

It will not be long before the cold days of winter are far behind and the warm days of summer are on the way. When the winter season finally comes to an end, the thoughts of pool owners turn to the back yard, where that vast expanse of crystal clear water awaits. Whether you open your pool on the first warm day of spring or wait until later in the season, safety should be your number one consideration for all age groups. A lot can happen to your pool over the winter months, and even the best-prepared pool will need a basic safety checklist before it can be opened for the season. Here are some essential elements that belong on your spring pool safety checklist. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 4, so never leave a child unattended or near water, teach children how to swim and to stay away from pool or spa drains, ensure pools and spas have complaint drain covers, install proper barriers, covers and alarms on and around your pool and spa. learn how to perform CPR on children and adults; Grab a sample of pool water and have it professionally tested. Imbalances or impurities in the water will harm the filter and other components, but poor-quality water could also make you or your family members sick.  Change the filter before you open your pool for the season. The filter has an important job to do: filtering out impurities […]

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