Crescent City Connection: Commuter Issues

Late in November, local broadcasters and news venues were asking commuters questions about the closure of several lanes on the Crescent City Connection as part of a move to change travel facilities there. Later, the Louisiana Times-Picayune named the Crescent City Connection change as one of the top stories of the year in 2013.

Detailed reports showed the city closing several lanes of this integral passageway over the Mississippi River in the heart of New Orleans. The context involves a high-profile legal effort to deal with toll facilities for the bridge.

Earlier in the year, the state set up a Crescent City Connection toll amnesty program that involved over 7500 drivers, and brought in city revenues of tens of thousands of dollars. Later, the state treasury encouraged residents to take advantage of toll refunds offered to drivers. Eventually, West Bank residents were able to negotiate the elimination of tolls for the Crescent City Connection. During the holiday season, there was additional controversy as decorative holiday lighting was extinguished for several days. All of this shows how local road work projects are much more than just “infrastructure news,” and that they impact millions of lives in real ways, both big and small.

Crescent City Connection Infrastructure and Transportation Issues

One big issue with the Crescent City Connection involves the legal handling of tolls for passage. Some high-profile cases involved drivers racking up tens of thousands of dollars in total debt – in these kinds of cases, where toll or ticket debt can become a serious drag on a household budget, some who are represented by a Louisiana car accident law firm or other local legal team can see their financial responsibilities to the city greatly reduced in negotiations.

Another issue with these kinds of infrastructure changes is the traffic congestion and collision risks that they cause. Although some reported few problems for commuting, changes to normal traffic patterns will confuse and distract drivers, and collisions can result.

Those who are involved in traffic accidents while trying to navigate new traffic patterns or unsafe driving conditions can consult with a Louisiana car accident law firm to consider whether some of these outside factors contributed to an accident, and whether that can reduce a driver’s fault assessment. Auto accidents involve complicated equations, and there is often more than one explanation for something that happened on the road. Legal professionals help to do the fact-finding and research to support fair presentations of an accident.

Getting Legal Representation

Driving the Crescent City Connection is just one example of the kinds of traffic situations local residents have to deal with. In addition to having adequate insurance and being vigilant on the road, it’s a good idea to have a connection to a Louisiana car accident law firm if you are involved in a car accident or collision. Contact the offices of Lavis Law if you have been involved in a collision, to understand your rights under the law and how to protect yourself against legal challenges.

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