Elderly Woman Missing in St. Tammany Parish

A recent case involving an elderly woman in the Covington, LA area is an example of what families face when they file a missing persons report after the disappearance of a family member.

In March, local television affiliate WFAB reported the disappearance of an 83-year-old woman in Ball, Louisiana. The woman was last seen on her way to church.

Later reports showed that the woman in question was found and placed in law enforcement custody.

Elder Law and Personal Injury

Some types of personal injury cases intersect with what professionals would call ‘elder law,’ that is, the protection of senior citizens and elderly individuals from different types of danger. Elder law includes the practice of bringing personal injury or other cases against the perpetrators of nursing home abuse, elder fraud or different types of elder abuse, including emotional, physical and financial abuse. One example of financial abuse is a system where fraudulent parties conspire to defraud seniors of their savings or assets, which happens in many different ways.

In addition, a local Baton Rouge injury lawyer may be representing an elderly client in a more general personal injury case, with many factors involved. Because the elderly are more injury-prone, lack of public safety protocols affects them more severely than younger age groups. For example, some types of injuries such as slip and fall personal injuries happen to that senior citizens on a disproportionate basis. There’s also more danger of personal injury for an elderly person who is missing or otherwise unattended, when that person relies on daily care by family members, professionals or others. That’s why a case of a “missing person” can be an aspect of a personal injury claim when elderly individuals experience injuries.

Assisting Personal Injury Clients

A Baton Rouge injury lawyer who is working on behalf of personal injury victims will evaluate all of the factors involved in an accident. They will look at whether any negligence or inattention to public safety contributed to the accident or injury. They will assess how to bring the case forward in accordance with local laws and with attention toward any restrictions in seeking a settlement for injury within a certain territory or jurisdiction. Personal injury legal professionals know how to work with Louisiana state law and rules on personal injury or wrongful death settlements.

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