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Welcome to 2021!

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Like you, we expect 2021 to improve on last year’s model. We’re encouraged by the FDA’s approval of a handful of COVID-19 vaccines and looking forward to a more normal existence in the months to come.
Louisiana has been good to us, and we wouldn’t want to live or work anywhere else!  As a thank you to our community, we’re going to begin occasional giveaways primarily through our newsletter.  For our first run, we’re going to give away a $250 restaurant gift certificate to Doris Metropolitan.  So, sign up for a chance to win $250 gift card.
The January 2021 Newsletter, based on your feedback, is focused primarily on accident and insurance claim news & information, though it also features the promised restaurant gift certificate drawing. Find out how to ENTER HERE.
Have a safe, healthy new year!
– Charlie


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