Fishermen Helping To Cleanup The BP Spill Report Illness From Chemicals; Toxicologist say Chemicals Can Lead Serious Bodily Injury and Even to Death.

Fishermen have been reporting popping ears , coughing up stuff, and a weak tingling feeling. A marinee toxicologist reported that the chemicals being used by BP to clean can cause serious bodily injury and even lead to death. In high concentrations the chemicals can fry the brain and cause brain lesions.

Lots of fishermen are working sick for fear of losing their jobs. With fishing closed down and a family to feed, the fishermen are doing whatever they can to take care of their families by continuing to work for BP under these conditions. One physician has reported that one fisherman even look as though he had damaged lungs despite never having smoked.

Congressman Charlie Melancon has requested the opening of temporary health clinics. Specifically, in an open letter to Health & Human Services Secretary he stated,
“Many residents and volunteers are being exposed to hazardous materials on a daily basis, and some will have to travel hours to get treatment at the nearest health care facility. It is imperative that temporary health care clinics be established to provide basic health care services in this geographic area.”

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