Foggy Conditions: Go Slow!

In addition to high rates of reckless driving, and other risk factors in areas of Louisiana, drivers also face some of the most fundamental risks present in most areas of the U.S. that might not be talked about quite as much. One of these is fog or low visibility due to local ‘whiteouts.’

How big of a factor is fog in accidents and personal injury claims? One way to think about this is to take a look at a recent Times-Picayune photo series March 21 that shows the Crescent Connection bridge and other areas of the city shrouded in white mist. From photos like these, it’s easy to see how foggy conditions can effectively blind drivers and make roads extremely hazardous.

The Weather: It’s One “Involved Party”

A Baton Rouge injury lawyer who represents personal injury clients after traffic accidents often has to unravel many different hazard factors involved in the collision. One of these is the weather — whether it was a clear day or a low visibility day will have a direct bearing on the facts around traffic collisions. Along with this, personal injury lawyers have to evaluate driver error, and other aspects of a case, such as whether proper emergency signage was in place.

One of the intersections between inclement weather and human responsibility has to do with protocols for dealing with foggy weather, flooding, sudden road or lane changes, and other emergencies. Local governments typically have practices in place to assist drivers. In turn, drivers have a responsibility to follow suit and act responsibly — in fog, this responsibility is simple. Go slow.

Yes, fog decreases visibility. But it doesn’t have to push the chances of collision sky-high. When drivers take common-sense approaches to foggy conditions, decreasing speed, and using vehicle lights appropriately, many more of us can get where we need to go safely. This addresses the need for public awareness and risk prevention, and that’s what local government departments are generally responsible for.

Where do personal injury lawyers come in? After an accident, there’s a need to document everything and to bring a case to a successful resolution. This requires knowledge of what a court needs and local laws around personal injury claims. Professional personal injury attorneys help clients to build a solid foundation for a personal injury settlement by handling these details.

Personal Injury Assistance in Louisiana

Baton Rouge and New Orleans residents and others in Louisiana can get the services of a professional Baton Rouge injury lawyer at the offices of Lavis Law. We will work with you every step of the way in bringing a personal injury claim, looking at all of the factors that were involved. We have helped many Louisiana residents to cover the costs of care and recovery after a traffic collision injury or other personal injury. Let a qualified Baton Rouge injury lawyer work through the details of a personal injury case and advance your interests in court.

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