Illegal ‘Demolition Derby In New Orleans Highlights Issues Of Shared Risk

A strange and troubling situation in New Orleans, Louisiana is causing headaches for local city park administrators. Coverage from the Times-Picayune February 4 shows that over the previous weekend, some unknown individuals broke into a maintenance area of the park and stole five maintenance vehicles.

According to reports, these small golf-cart type vehicles were used in a kind of impromptu demolition derby that may end up causing up to $50,000 in damage. Insurance adjusters are working on the case.

It’s Not Just The Money

Situations like this don’t just cost public administrators in terms of replacing vehicles. There is also the risk of a liability that would come along with a resulting personal injury.

The newspaper story suggests that there were security standards in place, for example, a fence around the maintenance area. However, if someone had been directly injured by this illegal joyride, a range of issues may have come up. A New Orleans injury law firm looking at this kind of case might ask about usual security protocols, and whether the vehicles were ‘normally secured’ on the night in question. They might ask about whether any city park employees were involved.

Bearing the Blame: How Does A Personal Injury Law Firm Look At Responsibility?

Obviously, the vandals who remain at large were primarily responsible for any damage as a result of their activities. But as a professional personal injury attorney would recognize, local courts can also hold a city government or business responsible to some extent, especially depending on several factors. For example, there is the age of the individuals. If the perpetrators are found to be juveniles, that can raise more questions about factors involved in this kind of dangerous activity, and it’s not entirely unlikely that younger individuals could pull off this kind of behavior.

New Orleans Injury Law Firm Advice: Business Safeguards

In situations like these, where business assets are misused or business facilities are compromised, having different kinds of business insurance is paramount. Businesses can also point to the precautions that they take to put security standards in place. The bottom line is that a New Orleans injury law firm will look at the nuts and bolts of the case to determine whether the business, or in this case, the local government, had any share of responsibility, again, if someone was injured on or around the premises.

Getting Legal Assistance in New Orleans

Anyone who has questions about our personal injury situation in New Orleans or elsewhere in the state of Louisiana can talk to a top New Orleans injury law firm about how to proceed. At Lavis Law, we help those with accident injuries to work through the factors involved in the case, and how to get compensation for lost wages, medical bills and all the other costs related to injury and recovery. Our caring and dedicated teams will help you to get a resolution for a complex injury case where various parties may have a responsibility to provide for the victim’s future.

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