Isaac Flood Insurance Claim Proof of Loss Deadline

If your home of business flooded due to Hurricane Isaac, you should be aware that you may be facing important legal deadlines to make your Flood Insurance Claim.

Your official flood insurance claim for damages is made through a Proof of Loss. The Proof of Loss must be fully completed, signed and in the hands of your insurance company within 60 days after the loss occurs.

You are responsible for making sure the Proof of Loss is accurately completed and timely filed. FEMA may offer a Proof of Loss extension in cases of severe flooding in your area. Extensions of time to file will be posted on the FEMA website and announced by the news media. As of October 22, 2012, FEMA has not yet granted an extension of time for filing a Proof of Loss for Hurricane Isaac flood damage.

To prove the insurance company has received the Proof of Loss, you should probably mail it U.S. Certified Mail-Return Receipt Requested. Of course, keep a copy of the Proof of Loss and supporting documents for your records.

If you need help with preparing your flood insurance claim, your supplement claim or with filing a lawsuit against your flood insurer, please call Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney at 866-558-9151 or submit your inquiry online. Please be advised that you may be facing important legal deadlines so don’t delay.

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