Levee Review Leads to Questions on Evacuation Risk in NOLA

A new review of New Orleans area levee systems considers millions of dollars put in place for infrastructure improvements, but also ask questions about whether the systems and protocols in place go far enough to protect evacuation routes for flooding emergencies.

Coverage from the NOLA Times-Picayune online April 17 covers review of a levee completed by the Army Corps of Engineers, and the work of state and local planners to try to anticipate emergency situations. Engineers presented comments on the possibility that evacuation traffic could be impacted by maritime traffic out of the Industrial Canal, as well as traffic studies showing that highway I-10 accommodates up to 2000 vehicles per hour, for an indication of how many evacuating residents may be affected by an irregular storm surge.

Public Planning in New Orleans

These kinds of studies and questions to existing infrastructure are a vital part of how New Orleans local government tries to protect local residents from harm. They also reflect the general responsibility of public planners and public administrators in going over the general overall context of public health and safety in various projected situations.

To a certain extent, these kinds of planning are similar to what state and local officials do to make roadways and other public areas safe for residents. For example, traffic accident rates can be lowered by competent first responder protocols and public safety precautions at an accident scene, or in other places where the risks of accident and injury may be relatively high. These are some of the things that a Louisiana car accident law firm may look at when reviewing an individual traffic accident case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Look at Context

Those who are unfortunately injured in a traffic accident or other kind of scenario want personal injury attorneys who can look at the greater context of an accident. This means going beyond the basic facts on the scene to question certain kinds of public protections that are in some ways similar to what New Orleans officials review when they look at local flood protection and other public safety issues.

Injury victims also benefit from having qualified legal professionals who work from a local perspective, who know about the challenges inherent to the client’s community and how that community works. Apart from having a firm grasp of federal, state and local law, lawyers from a Louisiana car accident law firm are more effective when they have a greater understanding of what’s going on within New Orleans in terms of injury risks, accident rates and other factors.

A Louisiana Car Accident Law Firm in New Orleans

Louisiana residents can contact the offices of Lavis Law to get help in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our experienced lawyers have helped many Louisiana families to build a claim. We help injury victims to recover settlement money for the costs of care and more, in traffic accidents and other injury situations. We will keep you informed every step of the way, and assist you in figuring out how to get an equitable result in local courts.

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