Louisiana Auto Repair Shops Talk Trade Organization

A recent meeting in Louisiana could have a big impact on the car repair market.

Reporting from trade venues like Body Shop Business shows hundreds of auto repair company representatives met December 3 in Baton Rouge to talk about responses to an insurance industry that is seen as heavy-handed when it comes to dishing out awards for post-accident auto repair. A brand new trade group may be getting assembled as individual shops voice their concerns about the market context for their services, in terms of how insurers handle payouts and respond to the realities of car accidents that cause substantial damage to vehicles.

A Sleeping Giant

Part of the report shows that some professionals feel a new trade organization has been a long time coming. At the meeting, professionals talked about how insurance companies reach into the delicate equations around providing specific auto repairs, with practices that lots of small auto repair businesses see as intrusive and unfair. The meeting was also surrounded by rumors that Louisiana state businesses would band together to take on at least one multi-state insurer, though some who were quoted denied that this kind of plan is in the works.

It’s no secret to a Louisiana car accident lawyer or someone who deals with car accident claims that the insurance industry is often at odds with other major players in the repair business, but the emerging story indicates that an unusual kind of organized confrontation may be brewing in and around the gulf area, and that the resulting press will shed new light on the auto insurance industry in a state where drivers tend to pay much more than the national average due to a variety of factors.

Small Businesses and Consumers

Some of the same issues faced by small to repair businesses are also troubling vehicle owners who have the misfortune to be involved in an auto accident. Louisiana car accident lawyer teams understand that insurance companies often balk at different types of personal injury payments after an accident – a closer look into the auto repair industry shows that they may also depress prices for property repair awards, in order to boost revenues at the expense of fair and proper payouts to those who have faithfully paid their premiums over time.

In general, many drivers who are involved in an accident seek out legal representation in order to make sure that insurance companies are operating honestly and responding fairly to an accident. This is true regardless of whether a given driver is at fault: many at-fault drivers or those looking at possible charges hire a Louisiana car accident lawyer to make sure they are not unfairly punished for their role in an accident, while non-fault drivers are looking to get the compensation they need.

Louisiana residents who feel taken advantage of by an insurance company can contact the law offices of Lavis Law to talk about how to protect themselves and their families, and how to get the compensation needed to deal with injuries and property repairs, along with lost wages, pain and suffering, and other effects of a collision.

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