Louisiana Injury Lawyer – Tractor Trailer Turns Over on i-90

Large or oversized vehicles are nearly always a road hazard when they go out of control and turn over on the road or spin across multiple lanes. Other drivers have to look carefully when these sorts of vehicles intrude into a lane, or when their cargo spills and creates difficulties on the road.

One example of this kind of accident happened January 6 in Covington, LA, where an 18 wheeler truck turned over, according to Times-Picayune reports. The newspaper shows a photo of the truck lying in the right-hand lane, just off of US 190 southbound.

The report notes the truck was loaded with scrap metal. This accident appears to have thrown the cargo to the right, off of the roadway, rather than scattering pieces into the multi-lane road. Other truck crashes may end up strewing metal, concrete, lumber or other more less common cargo all over a multi-lane road, requiring care and a more precise strategy for drivers of oncoming vehicles. This crash also happened just through a traffic signal, which helps to establish a ‘traffic choke point,’ but a Louisiana injury lawyer or law enforcement officer who regularly deals with truck accidents knows that they can happen anywhere, including right in the middle of a high-speed, limited access road.

Problems with Large Tractor-Trailers

I-90 through Covington is an example of where a multi-lane major traffic artery has to wind through a downtown area. This can cause a lot of challenges for large truck drivers. The report doesn’t say if the truck took a turn too quickly, or why the entire vehicle fell over onto its side, but the visual imagery shows just how problematic these kinds of accidents can be for oncoming traffic, and how much they can tie up traffic behind them, which will be noted by a Louisiana injury lawyer or other legal professional in this type of case.

A major part of defensive driving is being attentive to the actions of large vehicles like tractor-trailer trucks. Some of the worst pile-ups happen when these larger vehicles move quickly into multiple lanes or disrupt normal traffic patterns. Even parked trucks can be a major liability at night, when it’s hard for other drivers to see them, which is why stranded trucks require a specific protocol of using emergency lighting to identify the vehicle.

Big trucks take up a lot of space. We see them stranded on the sides of roads, or idling on an entrance or exit ramp, but in some unfortunate cases, tractor-trailer trucks that seemed largely invisible to other drivers have caused serious and grave auto accidents. Car crashes are a major cause of personal injury across the country, and victims often need legal representation to help identify accident causes, get a fair hearing in courts, and get compensation for all of the costs and hardships facing someone who has been harmed in a collision.

Getting Legal Help

Residents of New Orleans or Covington, or in Baton Rouge or other areas around Louisiana, can talk to the law offices of Lavis Law to get help from caring, dedicated Louisiana injury lawyer teams who will help assess a personal injury case for a family.

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