Louisiana Officials Request OSHA Conduct Full Investigation of BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Worker Conditions

There are ongoing reports of injuries and illness among workers hired by British Petroleum and its subcontractors and the number of reports are steadily increasing These reports concern the State given that BP is looking to bring and additional 3,000 more people to Louisiana’s coast to aid in the clean-up efforts.

DHH is receiving daily reports of injuries and illnessesnd is concerned that proper protections are not being taken and protocols followed. DHH and DEQ request OSHA:

  • An official report detailing that review, method of investigation, findings and any citations issued or recommendations made.
  • Details of OSHA’s footprint in the area including how many people are on site to monitor worker safety and plans for regular inspection and monitoring of worker safety.
  • A list of any worker complaints made directly to OSHA and the disposition of those complaints.
  • A comprehensive review of training protocols for workers that includes an investigation of how consistently and fully that training is done.
  • A strategy for providing regular reports to us outlining ongoing monitoring, complaints and citations.
  • Any information on monitoring, such as air monitoring, on vessels and other work sites as it pertains to worker safety.

Additional Resources:

Louisiana Department of Health And Hospitals News Release

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