Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer – Energy Companies Work Hard on Power Restoration

Even down in the Gulf area, energy customers are experiencing some power outages, and the Entergy company is hard at work fixing them.

One example comes from this Times-Picayune online coverage on January 6. Writer Carlie Kollath Wells announces a successful repair for the Lakeview area, where almost 400 customers lost energy in the morning. An interactive map shows the precise occasions of outages in the Lakeview and Bayou St. John’s area in the heart of the city, above Route 10.

Winter Outages

In terms of what many East Coast cities and more northern areas face during the winter season, outages like the recent one in central New Orleans are just a tiny blip on the radar. Much greater issues come up when thousands of customers lose power for much longer periods of time, especially when winter temperatures are below freezing. One example came in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the New York/New Jersey area, where a generalized power outage required all sorts of relief efforts for residents.

But even these smaller outages can cause problems for residents. In colder temperatures, it’s essential to keep power running to homes and buildings, to keep heating systems working. That’s not to mention the issue of food storage and spoilage, the comfort of local customers, and the loss of income to businesses and the self-employed. Also, in southern areas like New Orleans, residents and businesses may be less likely to have generators and other resources to help battle the results of power outages.

Out In the Field

As soon as the power goes out in a local community, the offices of the providing energy company send workers out in the field to make repairs as soon as possible. Trucks go out from central offices, headed for blackout areas to look for items like down trees, ice on lines, and other situations such as car accidents that may cause localized outages.

In this somewhat charged working environment, there’s the danger of many different kinds of personal injury. Workers going into residential areas may end up threatened by residents’ efforts at security, including barb wire, razor wire, and guard dogs. Workers may have to deal with difficult environments caused by storm conditions, local vegetation, or damage to local roads and infrastructure. A Louisiana personal injury lawyer would understand these as ‘occupational risks’ that would factor into an injury suffered on the job.

All of this happens in a ‘hurry-up’ environment where it’s more likely for people to make mistakes. In some senses, energy company workers encounter a lot of hazards on the job. Companies need to be vigilant about safety and security to make sure that they protect those who are doing the tough work to get the lights back on and keep them on for the communities they serve.

Workers aren’t the only ones at risk in outages, either. Changes to local safety systems, storm damage, and other factors can cause public safety issues for residents. That’s one reason why energy companies work so hard to restore power, and why Louisiana personal injury lawyer would assess these situations, looking at who might be responsible for public safety lapses.

Personal Injury Legal Assistance

Someone in or around New Orleans or the state of Louisiana who’s been injured in a power outage situation can get more information from a Louisiana personal injury lawyer with experience in the community: call the offices of Lavis Law about how to deal with an unfortunate accident or injury, and about the factors that were in play.

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