Low Reading Scores and Work Force Impact In Louisiana

There’s bad news for those with a stake in educational outcomes in Louisiana. According to Times-Picayune coverage February 4, only one quarter of fourth-graders in the state are where they need to be in terms of federal standards for reading. Writer Danielle Dreilinger points out that even against a national average of one third of students meeting the standard, the numbers for Louisiana are nearly at the bottom of a state list, only above those of Mississippi and New Mexico.

In this and other reports, you can see state officials debating the finer points of reading proficiency, talking about various levels of achievement and trying to promote eventual improvements.

Reading Achievement And The Workplace

Part of what shines through in these calls for action on Louisiana state reading standards is the idea that low-performing schools will be a drag on the economy when students enter into the workplace. But there’s another reason that planners should be concerned about poor educational outcomes, something that a Louisiana personal injury lawyer or other legal professional might intuitively understand.

In short, workplace safety relies to a certain extent on literacy. Louisiana courts can take businesses to task for violating federal workplace safety rules, but many of these cases are only brought to light when workers report them. In addition, many workplace dangers are only communicated to workers in certain ways, which means that employees need to be not only literate, but highly literate in some situations. A personal injury lawyer looking at this reality might provide the example of an MSDS sheet listing dangerous chemicals. The reading standard for these types of resources, which are required to be posted in workplaces, is high. If Louisiana workers can’t read at a high level, they are more likely to be exposed to these dangers unknowingly.

Workplace Personal Injury and Risk Factors

When a Louisiana personal injury lawyer looks at a certain type of worker’s compensation or workplace personal injury, he or she will take a detailed look at what the business has done to encourage worker safety, and what kinds of risks apply to a particular job.

Here, the communication of workplace dangers and the level of awareness or literacy required of the worker can be a very relevant issue. Although personal protective gear and other precautions are good steps, they may not ultimately be effective if their use is not communicated well. In addition, although upper-level managers and supervisors may have a level of education that allows them to understand workplace safety, they cannot assume that this knowledge extends to the entire department, and these assumptions can unfortunately harm those front-line workers who are required to handle high-risk processes or use high-risk tools.

Getting Personal Injury Assistance in Louisiana

A Louisiana resident in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, or elsewhere in the state, can get legal help from a Louisiana personal injury lawyer at Lavis Law. When a workplace personal injury affects your family, call to get information on how to put together a case to get compensation for all of the costs of recovery. Our dedicated and caring teams will work with you every step of the way, assessing responsibility and doing the fact-finding necessary to promote a just and equitable resolution.

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