Mandeville Police Report Includes Hit and Run, DWI

Public police reports serve an important function in a community. They show the public what kinds of criminal activities are going on, and how police are handling threats to public safety. These reports include instances of violent crime and theft, but they also include cases of traffic violations and other crimes that can really put others at risk, on the road or in public spaces.

In Louisiana, recent Mandeville police report published February 4 at the Times-Picayune online provides an example of this kind of information. This report involves a January 17 hit and run driving case where the driver also was without insurance, and actually had a warrant for her arrest.

There is also a January 30 DWI where the police report specifies a third offense, as well as driving under suspension with an expired license plate, and “careless operation” of the vehicle. Careless or reckless driving is in itself a serious accident risk, and combined with alcohol and other issues, these kinds of “multi-factor” citations reveal the enormous dangers involved in letting just one of these drivers operate a vehicle on local roads. Along with DWIs, DUIs, cell phone laws and seat belt laws, police enforce driver’s licensing, vehicle registration, current insurance and safety inspections for a reason: because all of these can also have a bearing on whether an accident occurs, and whether or not someone is hurt.

Assessing Risk

A New Orleans car accident law firm might look at one of these reports as part of initial research of a personal injury case or other client research, but legal professionals in Louisiana can also review these reports routinely, because they show what’s happening in the local community. When you see these instances of illegal behavior and repeat offenses made public, you get a picture of how public administration works to protect residents, but how ultimately, these kinds of dangers still exist. Public police reports represent actual evidence of these risks, while detailed statistics from insurance company research give a more quantitative survey of local violations and threat levels for innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Of course, a New Orleans car accident law firm will have a uniquely written internal police report for each incident. The public report posted in the newspaper is just a kind of public service to warn people that these kinds of dangers are out there and that they need to be vigilant about drunk drivers, distracted drivers and others who pose serious dangers on the roadway. Defensive driving can help, but good enforcement also keeps more of these drivers off the streets, which can prevent some serious and tragic accidents.

Getting Legal Help in New Orleans, Louisiana

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