Multi-Vehicle I-10 Wreck Closes Lanes

A wreck on Louisiana I-10 closed local lanes of the interstate March 21. Reports from the Times-Picayune online showed five or six vehicles were involved. Later reports confirmed that I-10 had been reopened.

The intersection of Bullard Avenue and I-10 is a congested area in East New Orleans, where the interstate winds around the lower side of Lake Ponchartrain. Even minor accidents in these kinds of areas can have outsized risks, and sudden traffic changes can complicate the job of getting commuters and everyone else where they need to be safely.

Personal Injury and Multi-Vehicle Accidents

In heavy vehicle accidents or multi-vehicle accidents, a New Orleans injury law firm representing a personal injury client often has to go over a number of factors that were involved in the collision. Some of these may be different kinds of driver error, but others may result from negligence or insufficient safety practices on roadways.

Personal injury lawyers who are working through one of these cases may have to deal with complicated chains of information and documentation. They may also have to go up against the legal departments of insurance companies or local governments, or other parties.

In order to advance the interests of their clients against the interests of defendants or others involved in the case, it’s critical for a local New Orleans injury law firm to have a good idea of what works in bringing a personal injury case forward. Attorneys working with injury victims have to do detailed fact-finding to determine responsibility in a personal injury case arising from risks on the road. That can require a lot of specific documentation tasks with an overall knowledge of how to “pull everything together” and make sure that a personal injury case has a solid foundation before entering the courtroom.

A New Orleans Injury Law Firm: The Local Factor

A local New Orleans injury law firm also works with knowledge of local laws and statutes on personal injury claims. For instance, they will counsel clients on the need for quick and unbiased medical consultation for documenting injuries. Without these kinds of legal safeguards, it can become much more difficult to successfully obtain a personal injury settlement, even if the accident factors remain the same. That’s not easy for some injury victims to understand, but when they do the research, they often find that adding qualified counsel was a crucial part of advancing a personal injury case to help pay for costs.

Legal Counsel in New Orleans

New Orleans residents and others around Louisiana could get professional legal representation from the offices of Lavis Law. We are an established firm and have helped many Louisiana citizens get access to the compensation that they need for injuries after an accident. Let us help your family to benefit from good legal representation in a personal injury claim.

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