Navigating the Disaster Assistance Process

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Make sure you know how to get the help you need!

Navigating the Disaster Assistance Process
(US Small Businesses Association)

Obviously people can suffer after a disaster like Ida. Too often, people don’t get the help they need because they just don’t know how to find it or take advantage of it.

This is often just as true for business assistance as it is for personal help.

The Small Business Association has made an effort to make the process for finding out whether you qualify and what to do next easy.

On their site, the SBA sets it up in three steps:

1. Check disaster declarations.
2. Apply for a disaster loan.
3. Check your status.

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Step 1: Check Disaster Declarations
First and most obviously, If you’re in Louisiana and your business is suffering as a result of Hurricane Ida, there is definitely a qualifying disaster declaration. You can see more about it here.

Here’s the SBA’s list of qualifying parishes/counties for Ida relief, effective September 7:

  • Jefferson
  • Lafourche
  • Orleans
  • Saint Charles
  • Saint James
  • St John The Baptist
  • Terrebonne
  • Plaquemines
  • Saint Bernard
  • Saint Tammany
  • Tangipahoa
  • Washington

Step 2: Apply for a disaster loan

The SBA has programs for four types of relief:

  1. Home and Personal Property Loans
  2. Business Physical Disaster Loans
  3. Economic Injury Disaster Loans
  4. Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans

We’ve summarized each one below. If you’re interested in any of them we highly recommend following the links in the relevant loans’ titles to learn more about the qualifications and limitations of a program before you apply, or check out the SBA’s information page here. We have also provided a copy of the SBA’s document comparing the loan types for you here.

1. Home and Personal Property Loans

These loans are for primary residences only and homeowners can apply for up to $200,000 to replace or repair the home. You can increase that loan amount by up to 20% if you include improvements that protect your home against future hurricane damage.

To apply, start here

2. Business Physical Disaster Loans

This loan covers losses your insurance didn’t cover up to a possible $2 million if you are responsible for a business or non-profit of any size. Similar to the Home and Personal Property Loan, loan amounts can increase by up to 20% to undertake improvements that protect your home against future hurricane damage, but the loan may not be used for upgrades or expansions except when that would be required to meet building code.

To apply, start here.

3. Economic Injury Disaster Loans

Designated Small Businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, and most private non-profits in a designated disaster area can apply if they have sustained “substantial economic injury.” These loans are to help cover expenses incurred because and/or during the time they could not earn income due to a disaster.

To apply, start here. 

4. Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans

If your business’s ability to meet regular expenses was impacted because critical staff were activated from military reserve status, this loan is meant to help you. Loan amounts up to $2 million may be possible, or even more under some circumstances. But, keep in mind that the amount available will depend on the actual “economic injury as calculated by the SBA.” 

To apply, start here.

Step 3: Check Your Status

The SBA has made it easy to check your loan application status online at

If this was what you needed to know what’s next for you in getting help, we’re glad! We hope it serves you well.

Usually, disaster loans only cover what your insurance company does not. If you’re having trouble getting your insurance company to do their part, we’d love to help. It’s what we’re good at, and it’s what we’re here for.

You can request a free consultation here, or call us at 866.558.9151

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