New Campaign Against Traffic Fatalities

In any U.S. state, state and local officials are always looking for ways to make communities safer. This includes careful analysis of traffic accident statistics, as well as public awareness campaigns and the promotion of safety protocols that work.

New Orleans, Louisiana is no exception. Local governments there have to wrestle with rates of reckless driving that are higher than national averages. There’s also the issue of congested roads and highways around the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, and in other major cities throughout the state.

‘Drive To Save Lives’ Program

News from WWLT in March shows Louisiana officials are working to implement a program called Drive To Save Lives. This initiative is aimed at changing the ways that law enforcement and safety officials address the hundreds of traffic fatalities that happen within Louisiana each year.

According to reports, Drive To Save Lives is a national program, but one that has a lot of application in the state of Louisiana.

Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation is getting involved, helping states to develop plans to curb rates of accident fatalities and injuries.

The report is sparse on the details of what’s involved, but mentions fines and enforcement, as well as public education. State officials often address some of the biggest road risks, like drunk driving and distracted driving, showing drivers how they contribute to risk, while getting more aggressive about ticketing and citations for these kinds of common, and dangerous, violations.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Road Safety

A New Orleans car accident law firm where attorneys counsel personal injury victims would applaud these kinds of programs as ways to decrease dangers and contribute to safety — but they also know that there are often many factors involved in accidents. Personal injury attorneys have to look at everything that’s involved in a traffic collision that caused injury or harm to a client. They need to look at the case from many angles, to try to determine how to get compensation for a traffic injury victim and his or her family.

Details of a traffic injury case are not always just revolving around the factors that led to the collision. New Orleans car accident law firm attorneys also have to the look at any state laws and limitations on bringing a personal injury case. These might have to do with medical consultation, documentation of the scene, or determination of medical necessity.

A New Orleans Car Accident Law Firm in New Orleans

Louisiana residents can get qualified legal assistance from an established personal injury lawyer at the offices of Lavis Law. We have a lot of experience making sure that traffic accident victims within the state get the money that they need to make up for lost wages, medical bills and more. Let us help your family when an injured family member faces a lengthy recovery process, and financial liabilities, after a traffic accident.

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