New Orleans Car Accident Law Firm – January NOLA Traffic Advisory: Incidents on I-10 and Side Roads

Earlier this month, the Times-Picayune online issued various traffic reports detailing collisions, wrecks, and even flipped vehicles on I-10 and surrounding roads—that’s after a rare bout of freezing weather including an observed low of 29 degrees on Jan. 6, and 26 degrees on Jan. 7, temperatures sure to make southern residents shiver as they face what scientists are calling the effects of a ‘polar vortex’ bringing raw arctic air south and changing major weather patterns.

In a January 8 release, writer Carlie Kollath Wells covered the announcement of the reopening of Interstate 10 West at Carrollton Ave. which was briefly closed after a vehicle flipped across lanes and caused lane closures.

The same article cites multiple wrecks in the Chef Menteur Highway/Plum Orchard St. area, which NOPD said were related to icy roads. Located just south of Lake Ponchartrain and north of the Mississippi River area, this congested neighborhood just off of Route 10 can be vulnerable to implement weather conditions.

Temperatures and Accident Risks

Any time a usually warm southern climate dips below the 32 degree mark, the result often includes some harrowing kinds of accidents based on drivers not being familiar with the threat of ice on roads. Those who encounter icy storm conditions only rarely don’t tend to keep in mind how to adjust braking and vehicle speed, and how dangerous and deadly it can be to lose control of a vehicle when normal braking doesn’t work. A New Orleans car accident law firm or other professional office dealing with the aftermath of auto collisions will understand how big of a factor winter weather can be, and how to weigh various factors in an unfortunately roadway accident.

In addition, many of the accidents and collisions that happen in this kind of situation compound themselves when drivers encounter unusual road closures. As with roadwork areas, traffic accident areas need to be carefully maintained and guarded as additional drivers try to push their way through blocked roadways.

Additional Ice Danger

As this unusually cold season continues, it’s important for drivers to keep ice hazards in mind. It takes a lot of vigilance and preparation to limit the numbers of unfortunate accidents and injuries that happen in rare and extreme weather conditions. Public officials and law enforcement departments can help: a concerted effort by a municipality helps get more local residents home safe. There’s also the perspective of a New Orleans car accident law firm or other professional representing individuals who suffer injuries after accidents based on unsafe roads.

After an Injury

Louisiana residents who have been injured in traffic accidents or other kinds of accidents can get professional advice from a New Orleans car accident law firm with experience in helping locals in a wide spectrum of personal injury scenarios. Call the offices of Lavis Law to get more information on your rights after an injury, and how to get compensation for all of the costs and hardships you face during recovery.

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