New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney – “Voluntourism” and Personal Injury Risk

There is no doubt that the city of New Orleans needs a lot of help in terms of promoting economic development, and restoring areas of the city badly damaged by Katrina and other storms. Now, a local initiative by local non-profit Crescent City Connections promotes the idea of bringing in outside visitors to help with different community programs within the city.

December 16 coverage from the Times-Picayune online shows how this New Orleans-based group is aiming to work with local businesses and community leaders to get solutions for growth, including the promotion of volunteer opportunities as ‘adventures’ – an announcement that the group will work with local hospitalities businesses implies that part of the project will involve reaching out to hotel guests and other travelers with volunteer opportunities.

The Inspiration for CCC Programs

The newspaper coverage shows how CCC’s founders, Theodore Nathan and Zach Cheney, started to think about the power of volunteering after noting that in recent years, post-Katrina support began to decrease rapidly, while the local tourism industry continued to thrive.

In some ways, setting up volunteer opportunities is a practical way to benefit from a city that needs help, and that also hosts a burgeoning tourism industry. In a sense, the non-profit is taking the idea of tourism and changing it to fit the needs of a modern world, offering altruism as an option for those who are able to enjoy world travel.

However, programs like these are not without their liabilities. It may seem simple to move volunteers into an area to establish local goals, such as construction or restoration, but the reality is that some of the costs of these programs have less to do with physical materials, and more to do with risk, as a New Orleans personal injury attorney or other professional providing counsel will suggest to planners.

Evaluating Personal Injury

Volunteer adventures are great until someone is injured. At this point, programs that were hastily set up often reveals huge vulnerabilities that, in some cases, were entirely unanticipated. It’s a shame for something that started with such a positive concept to encounter these kinds of difficulties, but especially in cases where volunteers are working with physical tools and handling physical jobs, the possibility of injury is always imminent.

Non-profits and others administrating programs can always advocate safety, and they should, but individuals, organizations and businesses need to be aware of the liability from any kind of unforeseen accident or injury. Practices like identifying an individual’s level of medical insurance or purchasing applicable project riders can also help. The key is to plan, not to wait for trouble to occur, and advice from a New Orleans personal injury attorney can help.

Getting Legal Help

Local residents who need help dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can talk to New Orleans personal injury attorney teams at the offices of Lavis Law to learn more about their rights under the law, and how to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more. Regardless of the situation or the scenario, those who are injured need assistance and representation to get what they deserve to recover from an injury.


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