New Tolls for Crescent City Connection?

The discussion about tolls on the Crescent City Connection bridge and repairs to the local infrastructure goes on — a recent April 18 story in the NOLA Times-Picayune online asks readers to consider whether part of a $17.3 million transit fund should be put toward fixes for the central Crescent City Connection Bridge that spans the Mississipi as it winds through New Orleans, or for other projects involving the alleviation of major traffic congestion in the immediate area.

The controversy about tolls and other types of funding has been going on for a while. Locals recognize the Crescent City Connection as a centerpiece for the debate around civic improvements in the New Orleans metro area – on and around this bridge, drivers often face challenges related to extremely heavy and congested traffic patterns.

City Planning Decisions

Even a quick glance at this type of report will show how city planners need to make careful selections from a range of different choices. Many of these have a bearing on public safety. Infrastructure fixes are necessary to ensure a safe driving experience. At the same time, different kinds of traffic changes cause their own challenges, where traffic jams can raise the risks of certain kinds of traffic accidents.

A local New Orleans car accident law firm will look at traffic accident personal injury cases from a local perspective. These legal professionals understand the challenges of having chaotic and congested traffic conditions on or around the Crescent City bridge, on the Pontchartrain Expressway and in other parts of the New Orleans metro area.

This is part of what a New Orleans car accident law firm brings to the table when evaluating personal injury claims from traffic accident victims. Injury victims benefit from qualified legal representation, where lawyer teams look carefully at any mitigating factors, not just at what other drivers did, but at what other precautions were put in place, including:

  • common-sense infrastructure repairs
  • signage and warning lights for irregular traffic setups
  • proper road conditions or warning signs for uneven road surfaces

These are some of the kinds of proper precautions that planners need to put in place to support a high volume of traffic in city areas.

That’s why in many cases, personal injury lawyers would have a lot to say about what city planners decide. Lawyers who deal with traffic accident victims understand all of the challenges that local drivers face, including high rates of reckless driving and traffic violations, as well as challenges with heavy traffic and infrastructure

A New Orleans Car Accident Law Firm: Getting Legal Help

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