NOPD Seeks Assault Suspect

New Orleans police are looking for two suspects in a kidnapping and sexual assault case in the city’s historic French quarter. Local TV affiliate WWLTV released sketches and details of the subjects March 20.

These despicable types of crimes are an example of the kinds of risks that locals face when they’re out in public. This particular case is linked to a string of cases where police are looking at these types of assaults. In general, New Orleans is a city that some associate with violent crime, whether that image is totally unfounded or not.

Working Through Personal Injury Cases

In representing personal injury clients in New Orleans and elsewhere, a local New Orleans personal injury attorney will certainly evaluate Louisiana law on criminal behavior by criminal defendants. In a sense, though, this is only the start of putting together a personal injury case that works for an injury victim.

Many types of personal injury or wrongful death cases also involve working around the scene of the crime, looking at factors that lead to an accident or injury. A New Orleans personal injury attorney may look at legal definitions for terms like “assault” and “battery” in order to bring suits against defendants, and make that suit air-tight, providing for common types of defense claims.

Going Beyond the Front Lines

As front-line responders, police document accidents or criminal events. Their reports are one fundamental resource for attorneys, but there are other types of information that personal injury lawyers look at that go well beyond what’s in a police report or other law-enforcement paperwork.

A New Orleans personal injury attorney will have to understand the safeguards that were in place to protect public citizens. That may mean looking at whether security was adequate for an event, or whether police responses to criminal activity put individuals at risk. They also need to look at the facts behind the motivation, to make sure that their clients will benefit from a clear legal designation of assault, battery or some other crime.

Some of these cases also show how criminal law and civil law are different. Individual criminals must be made to atone for their crimes, but at the same time, victims may need a broader-based platform to bring a personal injury case forward and secure compensation for their injuries.

Personal injury attorneys may deal with the legal departments of insurance companies, local government offices and other parties to put together a successful personal injury or wrongful death case. This type of dedicated legal work provides needed assistance for a family suffering from the aftermath of an accident or crisis.

Personal Injury Law: A New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney

Louisiana residents can get qualified legal representation from the offices of Lavis Law. We have helped New Orleans and Baton Rouge residents and others elsewhere in the state with a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We will work with you, with care and sensitivity, to get your case brought forward in the best possible way, to help you get an equitable resolution for your family.

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