OSHA Warning For Louisiana Flood Cleanup Workers

Flood cleanup can cause sickness in workers and others who come into contact with contaminated floodwater and can cause injury in those who come into contact with electrical and fire hazards.   The Occupational Safety & Health Administration warns about the hazards associated with flood cleanup work and provides some helpful tips.   The OSHA Warning For Louisiana Flood Cleanup Workers suggests the following:

  • Get a current tetanus shot;
  • Consider all public water supply unsafe until local authorities announce otherwise;
  • Not using contaminated water to wash dishes, brush your teeth, prepare & wash foods or make ice.
  • Keep safe water for washing and potable water for drinking;
  • Watch out for chemically contaminated flood water at industrial sites;
  • Beware of chemical and electrical hazards from hazardous waste and chemical containers moved by floodwater from their original locations.
  • Throw away any food or beverage if you question its safety;
  • Seek immediate medical care for all animal bites.

If you are hurt on the job while employed in cleanup work, contact your employer immediately and report the injury as are entitled to medical treatment at the employer’s expense.  If you are unable to work and have a doctor’s excuse, you may be entitled to wages loss benefits like Louisiana Workers Compensation temporary total disability benefits.

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