Primeday & PBS NewsHour’s Report on Amazon’s Injured Employees

Voiced by Amazon Polly


According to a report by NewsHour reporter Will Evans:

  • More than 14,000 serious injuries in 2019, nearly twice the industry average;
  • Number of workers injured per 100 workers has increased ever year between 2016 and 2019.
  • Warehouses with robots have higher injury rates, 50% higher at robotic warehouses, because robots increase the speed of production so employees have to move faster.
  • Injury rates increase during Amazon’s busiest times, Prime Day and Holidays, spiking on both Prime Day and Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon has tried to lower injury rates by controlling the medical care that injured workers receive at fulfillment centers.  Occupational Clinic Medical providers are pressured to minimize the extent of the injured Amazon employee’s injury.  The injured employees may not receive work leave for the first visit in an attempt to avoid reporting the injury to OSHA.
  • In the past Amazon used in house EMTs to give workers improper medical care and the EMTs and Amazon supervisors tried to prevent injured workers from seeing their own doctors.


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