Sobriety Check Points in Livingston Parish

In recent local reporting, prior to the Easter weekend, local affiliate WAFB revealed that the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office had instituted specific sobriety checkpoints for Saturday night in undisclosed locations.

These precautions are part of what local law enforcement officers do to try to protect local residents when and where risks are greatest.

Assessing Public Health and Safety Risks

It’s commonplace to institute sobriety checkpoints and other law enforcement activities over holiday weekends where more people may be tempted to drink and drive. This is part of comprehensive and proactive DWI and DUI enforcement that helps decrease traffic fatalities within the state, and is lobbied for by families who have experienced tragic loss in a drunk driving accident. Louisiana state officials and planners understand why local police departments are conducting these kinds of operations, and how they promote public health and safety.

Local Planning Decisions

As the above report reveals, federal grant money will pay for some of the costs of these particular enhanced traffic controls. But officials often have to make difficult situations about where to allocate money. These decisions can affect local residents in many different ways.

Simply put, these public officials consider complex questions using complex approaches. They may look carefully at local demographics, prior decisions, or other factors before ruling on any changes within the community.

Similarly, when someone is tragically injured or killed in an auto collision in or around the Baton Rouge area, a Baton Rouge injury lawyer will look at the full context of the situation. Apart from whether drivers were inebriated or distracted, these legal professionals will look to understand what kinds of safety precautions were in place, and whether any negligence or inattention to public safety contributed to an accident.

All of this work is intended to advance the interests of injury victims who retain qualified personal injury attorneys to represent them in court. Local Baton Rouge injury lawyer teams are informed about the restrictions and limitations on how to collect settlements that will help injury victims and their families to plan for care and recovery. They can assist in figuring out how to present the facts of a case, while also advising clients on medical evaluations, talking to insurers, and many more of those details that will ultimately affect a case and a requested settlement.

Getting Legal Help

If you or someone in your family has been injured in the state of Louisiana, call the law offices of Lavis Law. Our experienced Baton Rouge injury lawyer teams understand how to build a personal injury or wrongful death case, with careful consideration of federal, state and local laws, as well as the facts around a particular incident. We are committed to working with Louisiana families to help them get justice and to access their rights under the law.

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