The Rayne, Bush, Lacombe, Slidell , New Orleans and Kenner, Louisiana Tornadoes and Problems with Policy Deductibles

Homeowners suffering structural damage due to a Louisiana Tornado, Hurricane or Hail Damage often face a percentage based homeowner’s insurance deductible instead of a fixed deductible of say $500 or $1,000. Often times, the homeowners is shortchanged when the insurer refuses to pay maintaining the damage is less than the percentage deductible.

For example, the homeowner’s policy may have structural limits of $200,000 with a 5% policy deductible. In this case the insurance company adjuster may determine that the damage is only $9,500, less than the $10,000 deductible (5% of $200,000).
Often times the adjuster overlooks hidden structural damage and mold. Or perhaps the adjuster may maintain that the damaged home or business was not in the direct path of the storm and that the structural damage is unrelated to the storm. Engineering, mold and meteorological experts are often needed to prove these claims.

Furthermore, homeowner’s insurers may fail to advance money for Additional Living Expenses, or fail to pay for Recoverable Depreciation, Debris Removal or Lost Profits due to a Business Interruption. Or the homeowners or business owner may haphazardly complete the content list.

If you have any questions or need help with your wind damage claim, contact an attorney that has handled hundreds of wind damage claims.

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