Unwanted Speaker Interrupts Superbowl Press Conference

An unusual wrinkle in press coverage of this year’s Super Bowl made waves in broadcasting – local Baton Rouge affiliate WAFB reported February 4 on the removal of Matthew Mills from the event after the self-proclaimed independent journalist made a grab for the microphone. According to reports, Mills golf a brief statement about government involvement in the September 11 attacks of 2001 before being shoved offstage and arrested. The remark branded Mills as a conspiracy theorist, in an ongoing public controversy over the rights of individuals to be heard in public forums.

This scuffle at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey represents one of many different kinds of security situations where unprecedented affects put pressure on local security staffers and others helping to control crowds.

Personal Injury Lawyer Feedback: Public Events and Public Risk

Stories about individuals crashing public events may seem harmless and funny, but many of them can result in public safety situations where security teams need to handle the results of pushing shoving and other physical behavior. When these kinds of events happen in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, or elsewhere in Louisiana, a Baton Rouge injury lawyer or other local legal professional looking at risk might identify instances where aggressive physical behavior may have caused injury to bystanders. For instance, a response to someone acting out physically may escalate the situation. Those standing or sitting in the immediate area can get hit by an elbow, pushed off of an uneven surface, knocked off-balance, etc.

In these situations, personal injury lawyers may look closely at what security and safety protocols were in place, and who was handling security for the event. The above broadcast story shows that Miami Dolphins officials helped to administrate the event in terms of security, and that physical security at the site was a collaborative effort. In the case that something like this would result in harm to an innocent visitor or bystander, a Baton Rouge injury lawyer might be called upon to interview security workers or otherwise do the fact-finding on how adequate security was set up.

Different Kinds of Public Events and Risks

In some cases, like the one that happened at the Super Bowl press conference, event interactions are part of a greater activist agenda. This happens often in local and regional courtrooms, in different types of press conferences, and in any public venues where politicians or administrators may be called upon to account for policy provisions. In other cases, different kinds of physical interactions may be caused by individuals with mental health issues, who are not acting out of political motives at all. All of these risks are extremely difficult for security professionals to anticipate, which is why businesses and government offices hold specific kinds of event insurance and broader umbrella liability coverage to limit their risk if something should go wrong.

Getting Legal Help in Baton Rouge, LA

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Louisiana, you can talk to a qualified Baton Rouge injury lawyer at Lavis Law in order to fully understand your rights under the law. Our legal team will help you every step of the way in assessing a personal injury case and figuring out how to collect needed compensation to help with lost wages, recovery and more.

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