Update on BP Effect on Gulf

Professional Baton Rouge personal injury law firm attorneys in and around the metro area are informed about a wide spectrum of community issues. Many of them are very locally based, where planning moves by public officials, actions by individual citizens and policies of local businesses have an impact on public health and safety. Then there are a different kind of issues that are much larger in nature, that get national and even worldwide attention, and that have an impact beyond our community. An April 17 report from local TV affiliate WAFB covers the impact of the BP oil spill, four years after the initial event. Deepwater Horizon’s ‘lingering impact’ continues to be felt by local fishermen and others keeping track of wildlife and local ecology.

Types of Community Impact

One measurement of how the oil spill is affecting the local environment, and the local economy, is the number of dead turtles and sea creatures being documented by fishermen. An official from the Gulf Islands Conservancy estimates that 1500 turtles have died due to the BP oil spill. This and other different kinds of dwindling species populations are sure to have an effect on the overall ecosystem.

There’s also the many pounds of oil, tar and other substances that are washing up on beaches for years after the original oil spill. As for the local economy, some local fishermen are waiting for jobs in the restoration field. Advocacy groups are asking BP to comply with penalties and stop fighting litigation on the gulf coast spill.

Local Baton Rouge Personal Injury Law Firm Attorneys: Protecting Residents

In handling client cases, a professional Baton Rouge personal injury law firm will look at all of the aspects of federal, state and local law that may have a bearing on individual personal injury or wrongful death case. Like efforts to mandate payments for those affected by a major crisis like the BP oil spill, personal injury lawyers seek to document harm that will show why a settlement should be awarded. To do this, a Baton Rouge attorney must have a full understanding of case law, restrictions and limitations on a federal, state and local level, and a knowledge of how these cases work in Louisiana.

Getting Help in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge natives and other Louisiana residents can get help with personal injury cases from the offices of Lavis Law. Our Baton Rouge personal injury law firm is committed to serving the Baton Rouge community and helping to make sure that individuals get justice, while federal groups and other advocates are working on justice for the gulf. Let us help you with a personal injury or wrongful death case to move your case forward and toward an equitable result.

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