Will the New Louisiana Unemployment Insurance Payment Be $547 per week?

Congressional leaders have decided to not leave Washington DC for the upcoming holiday until an agreement has been reached on a stimulus bill. The stimulus bill is expected to pass by this Friday and has been tied to a federal spending bill that must pass to avoid a government shutdown.

The current stimulus bill is based on an outline set forth by a bipartisan coalition of United States Senate and House Members to provide funding for federal supplemental unemployment of up to $300 per week through March 2021.    Under this plan, the maximum that Louisiana unemployment insurance recipients would receive would be $547 per week, $247 per week maximum Louisiana rate plus a $300 federal supplement.  Unemployment insurance will be running out for 12 million American on December 26th 2020.

New weekly Louisiana unemployment insurance claims across Louisiana fell from 11,780 per week to 9,114 per week in early December and existing claims climbed from 75,013 to 75,193.

The proposed bipartisan plan is also expected to provide additional money for struggling businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program as well as money for schools and COVID-19 vaccines.  President Trump will probably sign the proposal.

President elect Joe Biden says any packaged passed would be just a start and that more aid will be provided after he takes office on January 20th.




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