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There is a level of trust between you and the manufacturer of the goods and products you buy. When something is made with inferior parts that break easily, or if the product is simply made poorly it can lead to potential accidents. Electrocution, pinching or severing, and choking are all common injuries that can occur if a product turns out to be defective. If you or a loved one are injured due to a defective product you could be entitled to compensation for serious injuries sustained. It is worth contacting an experienced products liability attorney near you to discuss your case. Here at the Lavis Law Firm we offer free confidential case consultations for people living in our near New Orleans. Contact our office today. 866.558.9151


Louisiana Products Liability (“LPLA”) – A Form Of Strict Liability


The Louisiana Products Liability Act provides for strict liability causes of action against manufacturers to protect consumers from injury.


Manufacturers include the person who produces, makes, fabricates, constructs, designs, remanufactures, reconditions, or refurbishes a product as well as the person who labels a product as his own or who otherwise holds himself out to be the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer also includes a seller of a product who exercises control over or influences a characteristic of the design, construction or quality of the product, a person who incorporates a component manufactured by another into the final product and, in some cases, the seller of a product manufactured by an alien manufacturer.

Manufacturer Liability 

A manufacturer is liable for damage caused by a characteristic of the product that renders the product “unreasonably dangerous” when such damage arises from a “reasonably anticipated use” of the product. Simply put if a manufacturer creates an inferior product they are responsible if a person is injured because of that product. 

Unreasonably Dangerous Products

A product is considered unreasonably dangerous for consumers if and only if: 

  • (1) The product is unreasonably dangerous in construction or composition; 
  • (2) The product is unreasonably dangerous in design; 
  • (3) The product is unreasonably dangerous because an adequate warning about the product has not been provided; 
  • (4) The product is unreasonably dangerous because it does not conform to an express warranty of the manufacturer about the product.

In addition to the LPLA, other laws that may be applicable to your Louisiana claim may include the New Home Warranty Act as well as other laws.


Common Defective Product Injuries in Product Liability 


There are a number of different types of injuries that a person could sustain when using a defective product. Children are especially vulnerable to choking or burns for toys or products that break easily. Injuries can happen from household products, toys, vehicles, even foods, and drugs. Some of the most common types of injuries that people could suffer from defective products include:

  • Burns or Electrocution from faulty wiring
  • Choking from small pieces that easily break off defective products
  • Organ failure or death caused by defective and dangerous pharmaceuticals
  • Lacerations or pinches caused by defective springs, or plastic that breaks and creates sharp edges
  • Head injuries caused by defective vehicles or protective equipment

Famous Defective Products


Unfortunately, there have been many famous products throughout the past few decades that have caused mass injuries or even death. Some of the most famous defective products that have been recalled here in the United States include:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol in 1982 that ended up laced with cyanide and took the lives of seven people. 
  • Toyota’s floor mats which were recalled in 2010 for causing the gas pedal to become stuck and caused the deaths of 89 people.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 which had almost 100 cases of the phone smoking or catching fire.
  • Mattel Toys Coated with Lead Paint in 2007 a number of their toys including Barbies, diecast cars, and Dora the Explorer toys were recalled for being coated with toxic lead paint.
  • General Motor’s Faulty Ignition Switches were recalled on a number of vehicles after they would shut the vehicle down causing the deaths of 124 people and injuring 248 people.
  • Magnetic Building sets including Magnetix and Buckyball sets sent thousands of children to the hospital after ingesting the very powerful magnets that kits contained.

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