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Kenner, Louisiana

The City of Kenner, Louisiana is located in Jefferson Parish, and considered a part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. Although it began as a series of separate plantations bordered by swamps, Kenner has steadily grown to become an invaluable player in the greater metropolitan area’s economy.

Technically founded in the mid-19th century, Kenner was a relatively late bloomer for the parish in terms of population. The number of its inhabitants increased and new industries sprung up regularly since the 1840s, but it was not until the 1950s that Kenner experienced its first population explosion. This major spike in growth was tied to the development of the previously unsettled neighboring swamps, and the introduction of new transportation routes into the area. In the1970s, the construction of Interstate 10 completely changed the landscape and trajectory of Kenner’s growth, as it prompted the construction of new subdivisions and residential areas. This, in turn, spurred economic and industrial development in the city.

In many aspects of its economy, Kenner mirrors other cities and towns that make up the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. Transportation (primarily with relation to interstate traffic and commerce), the professional sector, and the retail and hospitality industries are the staples of the local economy. In terms of prominent businesses, the Louis Armstrong International Airport is one of the most notable employers in the area.

As a largely residential settlement, with much of the workforce commuting to jobs outside the city proper, Kenner has mainly focused on creating incentives to both increase the population and diversify its industries. One of the most visible attempts in this regard has been the branding of Laketown and Rivertown, two areas devoted to attracting outside capital. Pontchartrain Center, the convention center constructed in Laketown in the 1990s, has enjoyed moderate success to this end. Rivertown has been less effective in bolstering Kenner’s economy; its focus is tourism, which has failed to make a significant impact. While Kenner’s economy remains relatively strong, it has declined slightly in recent years, and further efforts will be necessary to strengthen the industries in the area in order to promote economic and residential growth once again.

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