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June 09, 2010 — BP OIL SPILL LAW BLOG
“BP has opened 25 claims offices across the gulf and sent $46 million in checks so far to some 17,500 Gulf Coast residents for their lost income. Another 17,500 claims have not been paid because of problems with claimant documentation. Satisfaction is not included according to the New York Times article, BP Pays Out Claims, but Satisfaction Is Not Included, which might be why The Lavis Law Firm has launched BP Oil Spill Law Blog. To the firm’s credit, the blog does provide useful information for folks affected by this disaster. [JH]”


“Charles Lavis Jr., … [a] New Orleans lawyer, said he’s fielded several inquiries from people worried the value of their recreational boats could drop if they are driven through an oil slick or if fewer people are interested in buying them because they don’t want to cruise along an oil-spattered coast.”


BP Workers Exposed To Illness, Injury From Cleanup

“In addition to state workers comp or Jones Act claims, injured workers could file Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act claims, said Charles E. Lavis, an attorney at Lavis Law Firm in New Orleans.”


Home and business owners could again begin filing suit over Hurricane Katrina claims

“The deadline to file suits for Katrina damage was Aug. 30, 2007. Charles Lavis, the attorney who brought the suit that tested the question, Brenda Pitts v. Louisiana Citizens, said he filed challenges because it was clear many people were not able to satisfactorily resolve their claim or find a lawyer by the cut-off date.

“Near the end of the two-year period, there were just an enormous amount of people who needed help,” Lavis said.”


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