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Americas Insurance Company is domiciled Washington, District of Columbia. And has its address in Louisiana at 400 Poydras Street, Suite 1150, New Orleans, LA 70130. It sells Homeowners and Dwelling Coverage in Louisiana and insures homeowners against Windstorm & Hail, Accidental Discharge or Overflow of Water or Steam, Fire or Lightning and other perils. Claims for Hurricane Ida will probably fall under the Windstorm coverage but other coverages may also apply.

Americas Insurance says that it can be reached at


800-742-3109 (toll free)
Option 1 to file a new claim
Option 2 for existing claims


Option 2 for payments
Option 5 for a representative

Americas Insurance Company says it is committed “to providing the highest level of customer service in order to fulfill the commitments promised in the policies we provide to Louisiana homeowners.”
However, many of the current complaints about Hurricane Ida Insurance Claims on Google My Business indicate otherwise.

Kelly Smith says

“Even if this is the lowest cost policy you can get, trust me when I say it is not worth it. Pay the extra for something better. Everything through hurricane Ida has been an absolute mess with them. Called for two weeks before being scheduled for the adjuster to come two weeks after that so I’m on four weeks and the adjuster never showed. I had tried calling yesterday to confirm, went straight to voicemail. Called to check in and she said I had been reassigned but nobody has contacted me. I double checked my voicemail to make sure. I’m scheduled again tomorrow despite having taken the day off work today and I’m not feeling the most confidence that anyone will even show. I’m hanging on by a thread as it is after this storm and this is only making it worse. I’m at the point of emotional breakdown. Don’t waste your time.”

Carmen Lumbar says

“I suggest that you find another home insurance company. There is no communication after an adjuster comes out to inspect your home.”

Alexa Nguyen says

“Same as everyone else. Going on 3 weeks since adjuster came out. Unable to reach anyone for an update on my claim. It tells you to leave a message; 3 days no call back. Kick rocks.”

Additional reviews and the company response can be found here .

If you are involved in a Hurricane Ida Wind Damage, Fire or other insurance claim with Americans Insurance Company and your claim has been denied or delayed, an experienced property damage insurance lawyer can ensure your rights are protected when filing an insurance claim for Structure, Other Structures, Loss of Use, Debris Removal, Mold Coverage and Contents. We care about your best interests and stand in your corner.

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