Work Injuries & Fatalities Reported By Louisiana Employers in 2013

Non-Fatal Louisiana Workplace Injuries Reported by Louisiana Employers by Industry and Case Type

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Louisiana nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses by industry and case type, total recordable occupational injury and illness cases in Louisiana total to 41,800 for the year ending December, 31, 2013. Of these, 34% (14,400) resulted in days missed from work.

The 41,800 Louisiana cases in 2013 is a decrease in the number of recordable cases from 2011 and 2012 of 44,900 and 46,800, respectively.

A case is recordable under OSHA rules if it involves one or more of the following:

  • death
  • days away from work
  • restricted work
  • job transfer
  • medical treatment (beyond first aid)
  • loss of consciousness
  • other serious or significant cases diagnosed by a physician or licensed health care professional (PLHCP)
  • occupational injuries and illnesses that meet special recording criteria

Of the 14,400 2013 cases requiring days away from work, approximately 1,000 cases were in the Natural Resources and Mining industry, 700 in Construction, 1,100 in Manufacturing, 3,800 in Trade, Transportation and Utilities, 1,900 in Education & Health Services, 900 in Leisure & Hospitality and 3,400 in State & Local Government.

Fatal Louisiana Occupational Injuries

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Louisiana fatal occupational injuries, there were 114 total fatal injuries in 2013. Of these, 108 were Men and 6 were Women. 41 of the Fatalities involved Transportation Incidents, 15 Violence and other injuries by persons or animals, 21 Falls, slips and trips, 14 Exposure to harmful substances or environments and 17 through contact with objects and equipment. Fatalities by Industry Type include Construction 17, Mining 7, Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 8, Manufacturing 11, Trade, transportation, and utilities 37, Professional and business services 14, Leisure & hospitality 3, Government 9.

The 114 employer reported fatalities in 2013 is more than the 111 reported in 2011 and less than the 116 reported in 2012.

Although there are other venues for resolving workplace injuries and fatalities based upon job classification, it is interesting to note the downward trend in employer reported injuries and fatalities also corresponds with the general downward trend in the Number of Disputed Claims Received by the Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation.

1W Shreveport845365457560635
1E Monroe373289347317262
2 Alexandria795501359326294
3 Lake Charles747760532654639
4 Lafayette9615901,069770575
5 Baton Rouge805708625649613
6 Covington739495496521501
7 Harahan1,045499538574583
8 New Orleans728401439389424
9 Houma524437408418447

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