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Appellate Court Holds Plaintiffs Injured in Boat Collision in Louisiana with Unknown Submerged Object Failed to Defeat Summary Judgment Motion on Negligence Claim

Appellate Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Store When Child Hurt by Falling Belt Rack in Louisiana Store

Avondale Shipyard Train Derails, Closing Highway 18

Elderly Woman Missing in St. Tammany Parish

Injured Car Passenger Awarded Damages, But Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Finding that Neck Injury Was Not Related to the Accident

Judgment in Louisiana Personal Injury Lawsuit Dismissing Certain Defendants Not Final Because Genuine Issues of Material Fact Remained Regarding Whether Accident Occurred and Liability

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Church is Not Negligent in Unknown Cause of Fire

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds University May Have Duty to Protect Student from Foreseeable Third Party Criminal Conduct

Louisiana Appeals Court Upholds Verdict in Favor of Plaintiffs Injured in Elevator Crash at Superdome

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Holding in Favor of Fast Food Restaurant

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Dog Owner When Victim’s Actions Constituted Sole Cause of Dog Bite Injuries

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Lower Court’s Denial of Summary Judgment When City May Have Had Notice of Defect Posed by Removed Parking Meter

Louisiana Appellate Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Claim of Injury Due to Open Water Meter Cover Because Plaintiff Could Not Show Defendants’ Notice of Alleged Defect

Louisiana Appellate Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Tort Claim Against Health Care Agent for Making Treatment Decisions While Intoxicated

Louisiana Appellate Court Finds Plaintiff Did Not Prove Landlord Knew of Tenant’s Dog’s Dangerous Propensities

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds in Favor of School District, Finding No Causal Link Between Insufficient Supervision and Student Accident

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Dismissal of Tortfeasor as Plaintiff But Not as Defendant in Wrongful Death and Survival Action

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant When Genuine Issue of Material Fact Remained on One of Plaintiff’s Negligence Claims

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Damages Award When Altercation Only Partially Contributed to Plaintiff’s Need for Surgery

Louisiana Court Affirms Default Judgment in Favor of Plaintiff Hurt by Improperly Installed Lift Kit on Truck

Louisiana Court Affirms Finding that Injured Plaintiff Had Not Concealed Personal Injury Claim from Creditors in Post-Confirmation Bankruptcy Proceedings

Louisiana Court Affirms No Liability When Injured Individual Aware of Allegedly Dangerous Defect on Property

Louisiana Court Affirms Serious Act of God Responsible for Tree Falling Beside Highway, City and Property Owner Not Liable

Louisiana Court of Appeal Affirms Judgment in Favor of Gym Franchisor When Plaintiff Failed to Show Custody or Control over Franchisee’s Allegedly Defective Exercise Machine

Louisiana Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Negligence Claim for Injuries Caused By Hot Coffee at Drive-Thru Because She Failed to Show She Could Meet Burden of Proof at Trial

Louisiana Court Holds City Not Liable for State Employee’s Negligent Conduct That Harmed Inmate Being Transported According to City-State Agreement

Louisiana Court Holds Doctrine of Contra Non Valentem Does Not Suspend Prescriptive Period of Claim Against Automobile Insurance Company

Louisiana Court Holds Injured Plaintiff Failed to Carry Burden of Showing Employee Committed Tortious Conduct and Company Could be Held Vicariously Liable

Louisiana Court Holds No Evidence of Fraud in Personal Injury Trial When Victim Capable of Part-Time “Negligible” Work

Louisiana Court Holds Plaintiff’s Conduct and Resulting Extent of Risk are Irrelevant When Considering Defect Presenting Unreasonable Risk of Harm

Louisiana Court: Not Manifestly Erroneous to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Claims for Injuries When He Failed to Comply with Procedural Requirements

Louisiana Court Overturns Lower Court Judgment in Favor of Defendants Because Plaintiff Reasonably Relied on Treating Physician’s Indication of Her Food-Borne Illness

Louisiana Court: Plaintiffs’ Claim That Infection Resulted from Hospital’s Failure to Properly Sterilize Surgical Instruments Falls Under Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act

Louisiana Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Injured Individual Because Prescription Had Run on Negligence Claim

Louisiana Court Upholds Award of Future Special Damages to Injured Employee Without Future General Damages Award

Louisiana Court Upholds Reduction of Plaintiff’s Damages Award in Personal Injury Lawsuit for Injuries Caused by Two Accidents

Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer – Energy Companies Work Hard on Power Restoration

Louisiana School Board Not Liable in Tort for Student’s Alleged Intentional Harm to Schoolteacher Receiving Workers’ Compensation

Louisiana Supreme Court Holds Trampoline Park’s Agreement to Arbitrate is Unenforceable

New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney – “Voluntourism” and Personal Injury Risk

NOPD Seeks Assault Suspect

Pool Safely – Important Safety Tips When Opening Your Pool for the Season

School Shooting Threat in Baton Rouge

Unwanted Speaker Interrupts Superbowl Press Conference


Lookout, Control & Speed- What General Duty of Care Must a Louisiana Driver Exercise?

Rear End & Left Turn Accident- What Are the Rear-End Collision and the Left-Turning Motorist Presumptions in Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident-What Is The Rule For Vehicle Entering Louisiana Highway From Private Road, Driveway, Alley or Building?

Bicycle Accident-What Is The Rule For Passing Bicycles In Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident- What Is The Duty Of A Louisiana Driver Entering A Highway From A   Side Road Or The Shoulder?

Right of Way-What Driver Has The Right Of Way In Louisiana?

Seatbelts-What Are The Seatbelt Laws In Louisiana?

What Additional Rules Apply To City of New Orleans Drivers?

What Are The Right-Of-Way Rules For Cars In New Orleans?

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What Should I Do When I Am in a Car Accident?

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