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Appellate Court Holds Plaintiffs Injured in Boat Collision in Louisiana with Unknown Submerged Object Failed to Defeat Summary Judgment Motion on Negligence Claim

Appellate Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Store When Child Hurt by Falling Belt Rack in Louisiana Store

Avondale Shipyard Train Derails, Closing Highway 18

Elderly Woman Missing in St. Tammany Parish

Injured Car Passenger Awarded Damages, But Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Finding that Neck Injury Was Not Related to the Accident

Judgment in Louisiana Personal Injury Lawsuit Dismissing Certain Defendants Not Final Because Genuine Issues of Material Fact Remained Regarding Whether Accident Occurred and Liability

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Church is Not Negligent in Unknown Cause of Fire

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds University May Have Duty to Protect Student from Foreseeable Third Party Criminal Conduct

Louisiana Appeals Court Upholds Verdict in Favor of Plaintiffs Injured in Elevator Crash at Superdome

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Holding in Favor of Fast Food Restaurant

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Dog Owner When Victim’s Actions Constituted Sole Cause of Dog Bite Injuries

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Lower Court’s Denial of Summary Judgment When City May Have Had Notice of Defect Posed by Removed Parking Meter

Louisiana Appellate Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Claim of Injury Due to Open Water Meter Cover Because Plaintiff Could Not Show Defendants’ Notice of Alleged Defect

Louisiana Appellate Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Tort Claim Against Health Care Agent for Making Treatment Decisions While Intoxicated

Louisiana Appellate Court Finds Plaintiff Did Not Prove Landlord Knew of Tenant’s Dog’s Dangerous Propensities

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds in Favor of School District, Finding No Causal Link Between Insufficient Supervision and Student Accident

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Dismissal of Tortfeasor as Plaintiff But Not as Defendant in Wrongful Death and Survival Action

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant When Genuine Issue of Material Fact Remained on One of Plaintiff’s Negligence Claims

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Damages Award When Altercation Only Partially Contributed to Plaintiff’s Need for Surgery

Louisiana Court Affirms Default Judgment in Favor of Plaintiff Hurt by Improperly Installed Lift Kit on Truck

Louisiana Court Affirms Finding that Injured Plaintiff Had Not Concealed Personal Injury Claim from Creditors in Post-Confirmation Bankruptcy Proceedings

Louisiana Court Affirms No Liability When Injured Individual Aware of Allegedly Dangerous Defect on Property

Louisiana Court Affirms Serious Act of God Responsible for Tree Falling Beside Highway, City and Property Owner Not Liable

Louisiana Court of Appeal Affirms Judgment in Favor of Gym Franchisor When Plaintiff Failed to Show Custody or Control over Franchisee’s Allegedly Defective Exercise Machine

Louisiana Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Negligence Claim for Injuries Caused By Hot Coffee at Drive-Thru Because She Failed to Show She Could Meet Burden of Proof at Trial

Louisiana Court Holds City Not Liable for State Employee’s Negligent Conduct That Harmed Inmate Being Transported According to City-State Agreement

Louisiana Court Holds Doctrine of Contra Non Valentem Does Not Suspend Prescriptive Period of Claim Against Automobile Insurance Company

Louisiana Court Holds Injured Plaintiff Failed to Carry Burden of Showing Employee Committed Tortious Conduct and Company Could be Held Vicariously Liable

Louisiana Court Holds No Evidence of Fraud in Personal Injury Trial When Victim Capable of Part-Time “Negligible” Work

Louisiana Court Holds Plaintiff’s Conduct and Resulting Extent of Risk are Irrelevant When Considering Defect Presenting Unreasonable Risk of Harm

Louisiana Court: Not Manifestly Erroneous to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Claims for Injuries When He Failed to Comply with Procedural Requirements

Louisiana Court Overturns Lower Court Judgment in Favor of Defendants Because Plaintiff Reasonably Relied on Treating Physician’s Indication of Her Food-Borne Illness

Louisiana Court: Plaintiffs’ Claim That Infection Resulted from Hospital’s Failure to Properly Sterilize Surgical Instruments Falls Under Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act

Louisiana Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Injured Individual Because Prescription Had Run on Negligence Claim

Louisiana Court Upholds Award of Future Special Damages to Injured Employee Without Future General Damages Award

Louisiana Court Upholds Reduction of Plaintiff’s Damages Award in Personal Injury Lawsuit for Injuries Caused by Two Accidents

Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer – Energy Companies Work Hard on Power Restoration

Louisiana School Board Not Liable in Tort for Student’s Alleged Intentional Harm to Schoolteacher Receiving Workers’ Compensation

Louisiana Supreme Court Holds Trampoline Park’s Agreement to Arbitrate is Unenforceable

New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney – “Voluntourism” and Personal Injury Risk

NOPD Seeks Assault Suspect

Pool Safely – Important Safety Tips When Opening Your Pool for the Season

School Shooting Threat in Baton Rouge

Unwanted Speaker Interrupts Superbowl Press Conference


Lookout, Control & Speed- What General Duty of Care Must a Louisiana Driver Exercise?

Rear End & Left Turn Accident- What Are the Rear-End Collision and the Left-Turning Motorist Presumptions in Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident-What Is The Rule For Vehicle Entering Louisiana Highway From Private Road, Driveway, Alley or Building?

Bicycle Accident-What Is The Rule For Passing Bicycles In Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident- What Is The Duty Of A Louisiana Driver Entering A Highway From A   Side Road Or The Shoulder?

Right of Way-What Driver Has The Right Of Way In Louisiana?

Seatbelts-What Are The Seatbelt Laws In Louisiana?

What Additional Rules Apply To City of New Orleans Drivers?

What Are The Right-Of-Way Rules For Cars In New Orleans?

What Are The Turning & Stopping Rules For Cars In New Orleans?

What Should I Do When I Am in a Car Accident?

Types of Car Accident Injuries


Property Damage

What Is A Total Loss?

How Do I Make A Diminished Value Claim In Louisiana?

How Do I Get A Rental Car When I Am Not At Fault For The Accident?

FAQs Property Damage To My Car

FAQs Car Accidents

Hit & Run Accidents

Large Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Safety Data

Rideshare Accidents

New Orleans Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Car Accidents

Additional New Orleans Regulations for Uber, Lyft and Other Transpiration Network Companies

Uninsured Drivers- What is No Pay No Play Rule & Five Key Exceptions to the Rule?

Drivers Guide to Louisiana Driving

How Do I Read a Louisiana Accident Report?

Auto Accident Resources

18 Wheeler Overturns off I-10

2019 Study Shows Spike In Car Accidents in Two Weeks Leading Up To Mardi Gras; Saturday Before Mardi Gras Is The Most Active Day For Accidents

Louisiana Court Holds that Wrongful Death or Injury Must be Sustained by an Insured Under Automobile Liability Policy

Appellate Court Affirms Decision in Favor of Car Insurer, Holding Exclusion Valid Under Louisiana Law

Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment Motion in Favor of Insurance Company When Defendant Driver Failed to Renew Insurance Policy Before Motor Vehicle Collision in Louisiana

Appellate Court Reverses Judgment Against Insurance Company Because Plaintiff Had Not Shown Defendant Driver was Uninsured/Underinsured According to Louisiana Law

Automobile Accident Insurance Lawyers Know That Alcohol Is a Leading Killer

Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer – A Nation in the Grip of Cold

Baton Rouge Driver Loses Control In Single-Vehicle Fatality

Court Denies Plaintiff Compensation Following Accident in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Since Plaintiff’s Conduct Violated the Law and Created Higher Level of Risk

Crescent City Connection: Commuter Issues

Does Louisiana Have the Worst Drivers?

10 Steps For Louisiana Employers To Take To Avoid Traffic Fatalities

Fatal Crash Involved Stalled Truck

Foggy Conditions: Go Slow!

Fraud Driving Auto Insurance Costs in NOLA?

Illegal ‘Demolition Derby In New Orleans Highlights Issues Of Shared Risk

Injured Car Accident Plaintiff Cannot Recover from Employer’s Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance Policy Due to Exclusion, According to Louisiana Appellate Court

Judgment Against Defendants in Consolidated Cases Following Truck Accident in Louisiana was Not Valid, Appealable Judgment

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Insurance Company Has No Responsibility to Provide “Blanket Coverage” for all Vehicles

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Insurance Company Because Plaintiff Failed to Prove Injuries

Louisiana Appeals Court Apportions Fault in Multi-Vehicle Car Accident, Finding Decision to Tow Vehicle at High Rate of Speed Contributed to Ultimate Collision

Louisiana Appeals Court Finds a Lien Holder of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle is Barred from Recovery by the No Pay, No Play Law

Louisiana Appeals Court Finds Car Accident Victim Failed to Produce Evidence of Defendant Driver’s Liability

Louisiana Appeals Court Finds Insurance Policy Limiting Temporary Automobile Coverage Violates Public Policy

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Driver and Insured Responsible in Three-Car Accident

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Employee Not Engaged in Work Operations During Accident, Therefore No Excess Insurance Policy Coverage Applied

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Plaintiff Has Burden of Proving His Entitlement to Recovery Under Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds that Evidence Does not Favor the Plaintiff over Insurer

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds that Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Provision Does Not Cover Reduction in Vehicle Value Following Accident

Louisiana Appeals Court Reverses Award in Favor of Defendant, Finding that Both Parties were Equally at Fault in Intersection Collision

Louisiana Appeals Court Reverses Judgment in Automobile Accident Case

Louisiana Appeals Court Reverses Judgment in Automobile Insurance Case Based on Direct Action Statute

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Jury’s Determination of Comparative Fault and Damages Award for Plaintiff in Multi-Vehicle Collision

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Liability of Employer’s Car Insurer Even Though Employee Deviated from Scope of Employer’s Permissive Use

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Plaintiff’s Partially Reduced Damages Award in Car Accident Case

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment When Insured Electronically Rejected Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Louisiana Appellate Court Allows Family Member Injured While Crossing Street to Recover Insurance Benefits Despite Being Named Excluded Operator on Policy

Louisiana Appellate Court Finds that Food Sales and Service Employer Not Responsible for Injuries Sustained by Security Guard Employee Inspecting Truck Due to Auto Exclusion in Insurance Policy

Louisiana Appellate Court Finds Trial Court Erred in Making Credibility Determination, and Questions of Material Fact Existed Regarding Driver’s Liability in Single-Car Accident

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Injured Plaintiff Failed to Show Department of Transportation Had Notice of Failed Stop Sign After Intersection Car Accident

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Rejection of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Remained Valid, Despite Addition of Two Subsidiaries to Renewed Insurance Policy

Louisiana Appellate Court Limits Homeowner Insurance Coverage in Lawsuit Involving Tort Claims Against Driver of Off Road Vehicle on Non-Insured Location

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Finding in Favor of Plaintiff Injured by Employee Regularly Using Work Vehicle

Louisiana Appellate Court Reverses Judge’s Award Increasing Amount of Damages for Injured Plaintiff When Jury’s Original Verdict was Supported by the Evidence

Louisiana Appellate Court Reviews “Bobtailing” Insurance Policy, Finds Underinsured Motorist Liability Coverage Affords Separate Coverage for Insured

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Damages Award for Disabled Individual Injured on Transit Bus Boarding Ramp

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Plaintiffs’ Right to Compensation After Car Accident

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Summary Judgment Motion in Favor of Insurance Company Rejecting Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Widow of Deceased Car Accident Victim

Louisiana Auto Repair Shops Talk Trade Organization

Louisiana Car Accident Insurance Coverage Questions Answered by Louisiana Insurance Commissioner

Louisiana Court Affirms Automobile Insurance Damages Award

Louisiana Court Affirms Judgment Against Driver and Insurance Company

Louisiana Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Car Accident Victim Receiving Maximum Coverage From Insurance Company

Louisiana Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Insurance Company When Lawsuit for Damages Filed Beyond Time Period

Louisiana Court Finds Automobile Insurance Company Not Liable for Damages to Plaintiff Unable to Prove Causation in Vehicle Accident

Louisiana Court Finds Insurer Not Liable for Damages to Fourth Vehicle Driver as Prior Vehicles Avoided Collision

Louisiana Court Finds Plaintiff Pedestrian 70% at Fault for Injuries For Failing to Look Where He was Going, Amends Jury’s Damages Award to Reflect Severity of Injuries

Louisiana Court Grants Summary Judgment on Liability Issue When Defendant Saw Plaintiff’s Vehicle Stopped at Light Yet Crashed Into Rear of Vehicle

Louisiana Court Holds Auto Insurance Company Not Liable for Property and Personal Injury Damage Caused During Driver’s Attempt to Escape Police

Louisiana Court Holds Automobile Insurance Policy for Temporary Substitute Vehicles Violates Public Policy Because it Places Burden on Car Owner to Have Vehicle Professionally Repaired

Louisiana Court Holds Car Insurance Policy Exclusion for Self-Insured Vehicles Does Not Violate Public Policy

Louisiana Court Holds in Favor of Plaintiffs Because Trailer Used for Transporting Sugarcane at Time of Fatal Accident Falls Under Insurance Coverage Policy

Louisiana Court Holds Insurance Company’s Sale of Policy to Unlicensed Driver Does Not Waive Exclusion of Coverage

Louisiana Court Holds Insurer’s “Garage Policy” Offered Car Service Repair but did not Provide Coverage to Plaintiff Injured in Two-Car Collision

Louisiana Court Holds Insurer’s Policy Definition of “Temporary Substitute Vehicle” Violates Public Policy

Louisiana Court Holds Plaintiffs Not Entitled to Damages from Negligent Driver and His Automobile Insurance Company, Due to Failure to Prove Accident Caused Injuries

Louisiana Court Remands Case When Trial Court Failed to Use “Decretal” Language Making Judgment Valid and Enforceable

Louisiana Court Upholds Damages Award in Favor of Victim Who Met Her Burden of Proof in an Intersection Motor Vehicle Accident

Louisiana Injury Lawyer – Tractor Trailer Turns Over on i-90

Louisiana State Police Make Accident Reports Available Online To Injured Workers

Mandeville Police Report Includes Hit and Run, DWI

Multi-Vehicle I-10 Wreck Closes Lanes

Need A Copy of Louisiana State Police Car Accident/Crash Report To Help Prove Fault?

New Campaign Against Traffic Fatalities

New Minimum Liability Limits for Louisiana Auto Insurance; Bodily Injury Limits of Up To $15,000 for One Person, $30,000 for More Than One Person

New Orleans Car Accident Law Firm – January NOLA Traffic Advisory: Incidents on I-10 and Side Roads

Sobriety Check Points in Livingston Parish

Two Bicyclists Killed; Five Other Injured on Saturday Before Mardi Gras, The Most Active Day for New Orleans Car Accidents

Uninsured Motorist Claim & The Injured Louisiana Employee

Uninsured Motorists Will Be Penalized an Addition $53 million; However, This Is No Reason to Waive Your Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage

What is a Total Loss Vehicle In Louisiana?

Louisiana Workers Compensation

When Will I Get My Louisiana Workers Comp Check?

How Do I Find My Employer’s Workers Compensation Insurance Company?

How Do I Calculate My Average Weekly Wage under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act?

When Should I Hire a Louisiana Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Benefits under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act

Temporary Total Disability “TTD” Benefits

Supplemental Earnings Benefits “SEB”

Permanently & Total Disability “PTD” Benefits

Permanent Partial Disability “PPD” Benefits

Medical Care

Louisiana Workers Comp Medical Treatment Guidelines

Vocational Rehabilitation – Not Really What You Think

Louisiana Workers Compensation Benefits & Settlements

What is a Third Party Claim?

How To Maximizing Your Louisiana Workers Comp Benefits To Maximize Your Settlement?

Procedure for Settling a Louisiana Workers Compensation Case

Louisiana Workers Compensation Claim Forms

Articles & Resources

Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation

Occupational Disease vs. Traumatic Injury

What is a Disability under the Longshore Act?

US Department of Labor Longshore Division Offices

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies

Defense Base Act

US Department of Labor Defense Base Act Offices


Sickness Benefits for Railroad Employees

Jones Act

Duty Status/Work Status/Modified Duty/Work with Restrictions

2010 Louisiana Railroad Worker Safety Report Released By Federal Railroad Administration

Acpuncture & the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act

Appeals Court Finds No Manifest Error in Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation Judgment Concerning Missed Benefit Payments and Medical Findings

Appellate Court Holds Employee’s Expenses Related to Work Injury Were Reasonable and Necessary, Louisiana Employer Responsible for Payments

Appellate Court Holds that Employer Had Not Proffered Excluded Testimony as Required by Louisiana Law and Affirms Judgment in Favor of Injured Employee

Appellate Court in Louisiana Holds Injured Employee Had Not Committed Fraud in Effort to Obtain Workers’ Compensation

Appellate Court Upholds Award of Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Penalties Against Employer When Benefits Were Wrongly Discontinued

Avondale Shipyard May Shut Down; Laid Off Injured Workers Should First Seek Reinstatement of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Payments

Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer – Theft, Murder Highlight Risks in Armed Security Industry


Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor’s Ethical Obligations

Defense Base Act Insurance Company Report Card

Employee Dies In Confined Space Due To Lack Of Oxygen

Employee Is Caught Between Drill Pipe, Is Crushed And Killed

Fire And Explosion From Leaking Natural Gas Kills Worker

GPS Stalking Of Injured Workers

How is a Longshore Monaural & Binaural Occupational Hearing Loss Calculated?

Ingalls Shipbuilding division of Northrop-Grumman to Layoff 642 at Pascagoula, Mississippi Shipyard

Injured Workers May Want to Consider Avoiding Epidural Steroid Injections For Back and Neck Pain

Insurance Company Surveillance of Louisiana Injured Workers & Car Accident Victims

KBR Receives Exclusive $568 Million Contract Despite Controversy

Economic Layoff of the Injured Worker

Live In Girlfriend of Injured Worker Killed On The Job May Recover Workers Compensation Death Benefits Under The Louisiana Workers Compensation Act

Longshore Act

Louisiana Appeals Court Addresses Workers’ Compensation Penalties and Reimbursement for Attendant Care by a Spouse

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Injured Worker Performing Construction Work on Land is not a Maritime Employee under the Longshoreman & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Louisiana Appeals Court Finds Employee Not Credible Witness, and Record Supports Finding He Deliberately Misrepresented His Case to Obtain Benefits

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Employee Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits When Injured in Parking Lot Arriving for Her Shift

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Employee Had Not Suffered Work-Related Accident

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Employer/Employee Contract Does Not Change Relationship Created By Law

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds that Employer and Workers’ Compensation Insurer Have Ninety Days to Pay Judgments Without Penalties as “Judgment” Refers to Devolutive Appeal

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Injured Worker Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Following Attack in Parking Lot

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds Reimbursement for Benefits Identical to the Employee’s Right to Recovery

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds that Injured Employee is Barred from Bringing Lawsuit Due to Status as Statutory Employee

Louisiana Appeals Court Holds that Injured Worker’s Compensation Claim Cannot Be Dismissed Before Final Judgment of Eligibility

Louisiana Appeals Court Rejects Appeal Taken on Non-Appealable Interlocutory Order Permitting Change of Surgeon for Injured Worker

Louisiana Appeals Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Injured Employee

Louisiana Appeals Court Reverses Judgment Requiring Reimbursement for Injured Worker’s Out of State Medical Provider

Louisiana Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Employer When Employee Made False Statements for the Purpose of Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Compensable Accident Took Place and Claimant Entitled to Benefits, Employer Must Pay Penalties for Failing to Reasonably Controvert Claim

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Award of Penalties for Employer’s Failure to Meet Duty, and Holds that Tips are “Other Wages” Calculated as Part of Workers Compensation Benefits

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Finding that Injured Airplane Mechanic Offered Credible Testimony of His Work-Related Accident and Suffered Compensable Injury

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Employee Who Inadvertently or Inconsequentially Misrepresented Previous Back and Neck Issues

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Judgment in Favor of Out-of-State Employer When Injured Employee Completed Pre-Employment Requirements Outside Louisiana and Job Located Outside the State

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Employee Who Failed to Disclose Previous Medical Situation Made Willful Misrepresentations in an Effort to Receive Benefits

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Injured Employee Met Burden of Proving Injuries Resulted From Work Accident, Not Gradual Deterioration

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Lower Court Erred in Denying Employee Opportunity to Present New Evidence Supporting Need for Second Surgery Because Different Standard Applies When Appealing Decision of the Medical Director

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds Payment of Workers Compensation Damages for Developing Injury by Tortfeasor Does Not Interrupt Prescription for Solidarily-Liable Employer

Louisiana Appellate Court Lacks Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Workers’ Compensation Case Because Judgment in Favor of Employee Does Not Have Required Decretal Language to be Appealable

Louisiana Appellate Court Upholds Agreement Between Injured Employee and Her Attorney Regarding Payment of Attorney Fees in Workers’ Compensation Case

Louisiana Average Weekly Wage (“AWW”) for Full Time Injured Workers Under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act

Louisiana Court Affirms Finding of Injured Employee’s Credibility, Entitlement to Supplemental Earnings Benefits

Louisiana Court Affirms Judgment Strongly Based on Lay Testimony in Favor of Injured Employee

Louisiana Court of Appeal Holds Injured Independent Contractor did not Meet Burden of Proof for Workers’ Compensation Benefits under Manual Labor Exception

Louisiana Court of Appeals Holds that Injured Worker Entered Settlement Agreement Releasing Employer From Future Claims Stemming from Same Workplace Accident

Louisiana Court Finds Employee Failed to Show Disability Due to Occupational Chemical Exposure

Louisiana Court Finds Injured Worker Made False Representations to Receive Benefits, Forfeited Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Louisiana Court Finds Injured Worker’s Testimony Concerning Bite from Client’s Dog, and Resulting Back Injury, Credible

Louisiana Court Finds Ongoing Continuing Pain Symptoms Existed Before Alleged Accident, Employee Not Entitled to Compensation

Louisiana Court Finds Plaintiff Continued to Receive Workers’ Compensation But Not Credit for Sick and Annual Leave After Termination from New Orleans Police Department

Louisiana Court Holds Clarification of Judgment is Not Modification When Injured Employee’s Payment of Medical Expenses Extinguished Claim Against Her Employer

Louisiana Court Holds Employee Did Not Forfeit Benefits Because Alteration of Work Form Did Not Center on Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Louisiana Court Holds Employer Entitled to Reimbursement Because They Funded Injured Employee’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Voluntarily Funded Disability Benefits

Louisiana Court Holds Injections Deemed Medically Necessary Under Medical Guidelines

Louisiana Court Holds Injured Welder is “Seaman” Under Jones Act Because Connection to Fleet of Vessels was Substantial in Duration and Nature

Louisiana Court Holds Injured Worker Entitled to Supplemental Earnings Benefits Based on Her Credibility and Medical Records

Louisiana Court Holds Occupational Disease Contracted Two Months After Employment Not Compensable

Louisiana Court Holds Surviving Spouse Not Entitled to Benefits Because Fatally Injured Worker Not in Course and Scope of Employment at Time of Injury

Louisiana Court Holds Workers’ Compensation Claimant Failed to Meet Burden of Proof Regarding Alleged Shoulder Injury

Louisiana Court of Appeal Finds Worker Entitled to Medically Necessary Injections but not Indemnity Benefits When She Has Not Shown Inability to Work

Louisiana Court Reverses Judgment in Favor of Employer When Genuine Issue of Material Fact Remained on Vicarious Liability Following Workplace Altercation

Louisiana Court Rules in Favor of Injured Worker Because He Had Proven Need for Second Surgery By Clear and Convincing Evidence

Louisiana Court Upholds Decision in Favor of Employee Who Delayed Reporting Injury But Met Burden of Proving a Work-Related Accident

Louisiana Court Upholds Employer’s Uninsured/Underinsured Policy that Excluded Reimbursement & Credit to Workers’ Compensation Insurer for Benefits Paid to Employee Injured in Car Accident

Louisiana Court Upholds Judgment in Favor of Injured Employee Working for Contractor and Sub-Contractor When Seriously Injured

Louisiana Court Upholds Judgment that Intoxication Caused Work-Related Injury and Employee Barred from Recovering Benefits

Louisiana Court Upholds Workers’ Compensation Claim for Medical Expenses and Benefits on Behalf of Injured Individual, Based on Existence of Employment Relationship

Louisiana Supreme Court Holds Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Falls Under the State Workers’ Compensation Act

Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Lawyer’s Chart For Injured Workers To Compare The Labor Market Survey Job To The Real Job

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Premium Fraud

Louisiana Workers’ Comp Death Benefits: Who Gets What? How Long?

Is Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation Your Employer’s Insurer? Injured Workers May Find Their Employers Insurer Online Now.

Louisiana Workers Compensation Second Injury Fund For Some Workers Compensation Employers Of Certain Injured Workers

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act Provides Speedy Resolution on Behalf of Injured Workers; Appellate Court Holds Partial Summary Judgment in Favor of Employer Must be Dismissed

Louisiana Workers Compensation Benefits & the Affordable Care Act

Louisiana Workers Comp: The Company Doctor Becomes Your Doctor Because You Signed A Form? Perhaps Not!

Louisiana Workers with Low Back Injuries May Want to Take a Walk in Nature to Improve Their Outlook

Low Reading Scores and Work Force Impact In Louisiana

LWCC’s List of Handpicked Company Doctors Can Be Found Online

Some Instances Where Louisiana Injured Workers May Be Able To Recover Money For Pain And Suffering, Lost Wages And Similar Damages Upon Proving Fault

Occupational Hazards Facing Louisiana Nail Salon Workers

One Employee Dies And Two Survived After Cold Water Exposure

OSHA Cracking Down on Distracted Driving; Louisiana’s Laws on Distracted Driving

OSHA Warning For Louisiana Flood Cleanup Workers

Receiving Louisiana Workers Compensation or Longshore Indemnity Payments & Returned to Modified Duty by Your Treating Doctor? Tips To Avoid Losing Your Workers Compensation Wage Benefits & Job

Study Suggests Connection Between Noisy Workplaces and Cardiovascular Disease

What Is The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule?

What Louisiana Workers Compensation Lawyers Should Know About the ADA When Their Injured Clients Apply to Return to Work with Alternative Employers

Louisiana Workers Compensation Laws

Work Injury Reports: Injured Louisiana Workers, OSHA and the Department of Labor

How to Make an Insurance Claim

Recorded Statement- Should I Give A Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster?

Bad Faith- What Is Bad Faith Insurance Claim In Louisiana?

§1892. Payment and adjustment of claims

§1973. Good faith duty; claims settlement practices; cause of action; penalties

§1893. Claims involving immovable property

Life Insurance Dispute

How Do I Find A Louisiana Life Insurance Policy?

What Happens Where The Death Occurs Before The Policy Is Issued?

Group Life Insurance Policy Standard Policy Requirements in Louisiana

Video: What Are The Four Main Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Louisiana Life Insurance Claims?

Who Are The Major Life Insurance Companies In Louisiana?

What is American General Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Insurance Complaint Record?

What is Union National Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Insurance Complaint Record?

What is Security Plan Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Complaint Record? 

How to Get A Copy of a Louisiana Death Certificate?

Life Insurance lawyer in New Orleans

Life Insurance lawyer in Baton Rouge

Life Insurance lawyer in Metairie

Life Insurance lawyer in Mandeville

Life Insurance lawyer in Lafayette

Life Insurance lawyer in Alexandria

Life Insurance lawyer in Houma

Life Insurance lawyer in Slidell

Life Insurance lawyer in Hammond

Life Insurance lawyer in Bossier City

Life Insurance lawyer in Lake Charles

Accidental Death Insurance- What is Accidental Death & Double Indemnity Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance Claim – What Should I Do After A Loss? How Do I Make A Claim? What Is Covered?

House Fire Claim – Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Fire?

Homeowners Insurance- What Is Recoverable Depreciation?

Flood Insurance Claim- What Should I Do If My Home Or Business Is Flooded?

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 1

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 2

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 3

Addendum to the NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual Special Adjustment Issues, Part 3 – Section VIII

Appednix A: NFIP Forms Used in Claims Adjustment pt. 4

Hurricane Insurance Claim

Steps to Take to Avoid Losing Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claim Benefits 

Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claims 

What Is A Business Interruption Claim?

Long Term Disability Insurance Claim

Social Security Disability

2011 Hurricane Season is Expected to be Active

The Louisiana Department Of Insurance Helpful Hurricane Season Publications

Army Corp of Engineers Releases Doomsday “Scenario 2” Flood Map- Reflecting Extensive Flooding From Baton Rouge To New Orleans

Arson Rash Causes Concerns in Baton Rouge

As Second Anniversary Approaches, It May Not Be too Late to File Your Hurricane Gustav Insurance Lawsuit

Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish- Louisiana Hail Insurance Claims

Business insurance

Louisiana citizens property insurance corporation

Social security disability insurance ssdi

Are You Concerned That Your Louisiana Homeowners Policy Will Be Cancelled For Claims Made Or Acts Of God?

Louisiana Homeowner Trying To Purchase Flood Insurance? There Are Exceptions To The National Flood Insurance Program’s 30 Day Waiting Period

Expired National Flood Insurance Program Is Reauthorized Creating a Possible Two Day Lapse In Coverage; Congress Fails To Overhaul NFIP System

Federal Court Decides Hurricane Katrina Insurance Lawsuit Filed More Than Two Years After Hurricane Anniversary Prescribed

FEMA Extends National Flood Insurance Program Time For Sending Proofs Of Loss Related to Louisiana Mid-Summer Severe Storms

So You Have a Flood Damage Check With Your Mortgage Company’s Name on It? Contact Your Loss Draft Department

Is Your Flooded Louisiana Property “Substantially Damaged”? What It May Mean To You!

Freezing Temperatures… What to do if you Suspect a Frozen Pipe

Social Security Offices – New Orleans, Gretna, Kenner, Houma, Hammond and Baton Rouge

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Hurricane Katrina Insurance Class Action Suspends Prescription For Members of the Class

What If a Tree Falls on Your House Because of Tropical Storm Lee

Isaac Flood Insurance Claim Proof of Loss Deadline

Laws to Help Louisiana Homeowners With Insurance Figure Out How Insurers Determine What They Charge

Levee Review Leads to Questions on Evacuation Risk in NOLA

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Condo Owner Cannot Recover from Association for Interior Fire Damage Due to Notice that Association Does Not Maintain Coverage on Condominium Interiors

Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms Finding that Insurer Did Not Act in Bad Faith

Louisiana Appeals Court Finds Professional Liability Insurance Policy Ambiguous and Holds in Favor of Injured Deputy Sheriff on Negligence Claims

Louisiana Appellate Court Finds No Bad Faith by Insurer when Payment Timely Mailed Thirty Days from Receipt of Loss

Louisiana Court Holds Inaccurate Information on Insurance Application Not Material and Beneficiary Entitled to Proceeds

Louisiana Court Holds Insurer Acted in Bad Faith By Making Untimely Payments in Arbitrary and Capricious Manner

Louisiana Court Holds that Conviction of Murder, and Not Suspicion, Forfeits Life Insurance Proceeds

Louisiana Court Upholds Automobile Insurance Policy Exclusion for Fleeing or Evading Law Enforcement

Louisiana Flood Insurance Policyholder? FEMA Makes Available Early Partial Settlement Payments

Louisiana Flood Insurance Through The National Flood Insurance Program

Louisiana Flood Victim With An Insurance Problem? SBA Is Prepared To Help!

Louisiana Policyholders Get Money Back Now; LA Citizens Special Assessment Is Expected For The Next 15 Years

$600 Per Week-Louisiana Unemployment During Coronavirus / COVID 19

Morgan City, Louisiana, Could Face Record Flooding

National Flood Insurance Program’s Authority To Issue New Policies Lapses At Midnight

Property Damage Claims: Trouble With Your LaCombe, Slidell, Little Woods, Marrero or Bush Hail & Wind Damage Adjuster? Consult With New Orleans & Baton Rouge Insurance Lawyer For Hail & Wind Damage Victims

Flood Insurance Extension Sent To President for Signature in Time for Tropical Storm Matthew

NOAA Is Predicting An “Active To Extremely Active” 2010 Hurricane Season for the Atlantic

Projected Spring Louisiana Flood Map Released For The Mississippi River & The Atchafalaya River Basin BY US Army Corps Of Engineers

Second FEMA Extension of National Flood Insurance Program Time For Sending Proofs Of Loss Related to Louisiana Mid-Summer Severe Storms

Southeast Louisiana Flash Floods & Three Key Steps to Making your Flood Insurance Claim

State of Emergency Declared In Twenty Louisiana Parishes To Prepare For Mississippi River Flooding

Nifty Online Insurance Tool Comes To Louisiana

Louisiana Senate Passes Bill To Limit Insurance Policy Cancellations Due To Problem Chinese Drywall

The Rayne, Bush, Lacombe, Slidell , New Orleans and Kenner, Louisiana Tornadoes and Problems with Policy Deductibles

Tropical Storm Lee Flood Insurance Claims Key Steps: Palm Lake subdivision, Lake Pontchartrain shores in St. Tammany Parish, Myrtle Grove community in St. Bernard Parish, and Jean Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria in West Bank

Trouble getting your Louisiana insurance Claim Money from Your Mortgage Company?

United Policy Holders: Avoid Words Like “Flood” and “Mold” when Reporting a Homeowners Insurance Claim

What Is A Louisiana Hail Damaged Car?

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Where Are Louisiana Insurance Laws Found?

Obama Orders Doctors & Scientists To Look Out For And Monitor Health Effects Of Spill On Workers & Residents

Safety and Health Awareness for Oil Spill Cleanup Workers

Testimony of Tom Galligan Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on The Risky Business of Big Oil: Have Recent Court Decisions and Liability Caps Encouraged Irresponsible Corporate Behavior?

Hopper Dredge Safety: Building Louisiana Sand Berms to Block the BP Oil Spill is Dangerous Work

Extra oil rig survivor part 4

Extra oil rig survivor part 3

Health Concerns Mount As Oil Clean Up Continues

OSHA Warns of Cleanup Health Risks- Writes Letter To BP

Fishermen Helping To Cleanup The BP Spill Report Illness From Chemicals; Toxicologist say Chemicals Can Lead Serious Bodily Injury and Even to Death.

Two Members of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Die in Unrelated Events

Update on bp effect on gulf

Extra oil rig survivor part 2

Mariner Energy May Face Noncompliance & Civil Charges for September Oil Rig Fire in the Gulf of Mexico

West Jefferson Medical Center Is Setting Up First Aid Tent on Grand Isle for Injured Oil Spill Cleanup Workers

Extra oil rig survivor part 5

Louisiana DHH Releases Oil Spill-Related Exposure Information

Louisiana Officials Request OSHA Conduct Full Investigation of BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Worker Conditions

Louisiana bp spill in the gulf

Issues of Human Health Associated With the Deepwater Horizon Crude Oil Spill

Hospitalized Fisherman Injured While Performing BP Cleanup Work Files Temporary Restraining Order Against BP

Extra oil rig survivor part 6

Extra oil rig survivor part 1

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