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Acts of Others & Things in Our Custody

Damages Caused By Ruin, Vice, Or Defect in Thing

Intentional Torts

Pile Driving & Absolute Liability

Dangerous & Defective Products

Louisiana Products Liability Act Scope

LPLA Definitions

Defect in Design

Inadequate Warning on Product

Unreasonably Dangerous In Construction or Composition

Non Compliance With Express Warranty

Unsafe Land/Building

Keeping Building in Repair


Limitations on Use of Property

Damages Caused By Ruin of Building

Wrongful Death Action & Survival Action

Wrongful Death


What Are Damages?

Types of Damages- What Are Compensatory and Punitive Damages?

What Factors Affect the Amount Of Damages Awarded?

Comparative Negligence/Fault – What Is Comparative Negligence?

Art. 2323. Comparative fault

Statute of Limitations – Liberative Prescription

Automobile Accident

Train & Bus Accident

What If I Am Injured While A Passenger On A Train Or A Bus?

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Crossing Inventory & Accident Reports

Equipment of locomotive with bell and whistle or horn, sounding of signals

Operation of a locomotive engine under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances

Required notification of recording devices carried on railroad trains

Obstruction of railroad grade crossings

How Expensive Are Grade Crossings Protected By Flashers And Gates?

Boating Accident

Rules of the Road for Boats

Rules of the Road for Vessels

Boating Regulations

Boating & Safety Waterway Enforcement

Accident Reports

Boat Incident Report Request Form

Operator Boating Incident Report

Construction Accident

Injuries Caused By Animals

Dog Bite

Slip & Fall Accidents

What Proof In Required In A Slip And Fall Accident?


Lookout, Control & Speed- What General Duty of Care Must a Louisiana Driver Exercise?

Rear End & Left Turn Accident- What Are the Rear-End Collision and the Left-Turning Motorist Presumptions in Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident-What Is The Rule For Vehicle Entering Louisiana Highway From Private Road, Driveway, Alley or Building?

Bicycle Accident-What Is The Rule For Passing Bicycles In Louisiana?

Entering Highway Accident- What Is The Duty Of A Louisiana Driver Entering A Highway From A   Side Road Or The Shoulder?

Right of Way-What Driver Has The Right Of Way In Louisiana?

Seatbelts-What Are The Seatbelt Laws In Louisiana?

What Additional Rules Apply To City of New Orleans Drivers?

What Are The Right-Of-Way Rules For Cars In New Orleans?

What Are The Turning & Stopping Rules For Cars In New Orleans?

What Should I Do When I Am in a Car Accident?

Types of Car Accident Injuries


Property Damage

What Is A Total Loss?

How Do I Make A Diminished Value Claim In Louisiana?

How Do I Get A Rental Car When I Am Not At Fault For The Accident?

FAQs Property Damage To My Car

FAQs Car Accidents

Hit & Run Accidents

Large Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Safety Data

Rideshare Accidents

New Orleans Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Car Accidents

Additional New Orleans Regulations for Uber, Lyft and Other Transpiration Network Companies

Uninsured Drivers- What is No Pay No Play Rule & Five Key Exceptions to the Rule?

Drivers Guide to Louisiana Driving

How Do I Read a Louisiana Accident Report?

Auto Accident Resources

How to Make an Insurance Claim

Recorded Statement- Should I Give A Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster?

Bad Faith- What Is Bad Faith Insurance Claim In Louisiana?

§1892. Payment and adjustment of claims

§1973. Good faith duty; claims settlement practices; cause of action; penalties

§1893. Claims involving immovable property

Life Insurance Dispute

How Do I Find A Louisiana Life Insurance Policy?

What Happens Where The Death Occurs Before The Policy Is Issued?

Group Life Insurance Policy Standard Policy Requirements in Louisiana

Video: What Are The Four Main Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Louisiana Life Insurance Claims?

Who Are The Major Life Insurance Companies In Louisiana?

What is American General Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Insurance Complaint Record?

What is Union National Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Insurance Complaint Record?

What is Security Plan Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Complaint Record? 

How to Get A Copy of a Louisiana Death Certificate?

Life Insurance lawyer in New Orleans

Life Insurance lawyer in Baton Rouge

Life Insurance lawyer in Metairie

Life Insurance lawyer in Mandeville

Life Insurance lawyer in Lafayette

Life Insurance lawyer in Alexandria

Life Insurance lawyer in Houma

Life Insurance lawyer in Slidell

Life Insurance lawyer in Hammond

Life Insurance lawyer in Bossier City

Life Insurance lawyer in Lake Charles

Accidental Death Insurance- What is Accidental Death & Double Indemnity Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance Claim – What Should I Do After A Loss? How Do I Make A Claim? What Is Covered?

House Fire Claim – Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Fire?

Homeowners Insurance- What Is Recoverable Depreciation?

Flood Insurance Claim- What Should I Do If My Home Or Business Is Flooded?

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 1

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 2

NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual pt. 3

Addendum to the NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual Special Adjustment Issues, Part 3 – Section VIII

Appednix A: NFIP Forms Used in Claims Adjustment pt. 4

Hurricane Insurance Claim

Steps to Take to Avoid Losing Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claim Benefits 

Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claims 

What Is A Business Interruption Claim?

Long Term Disability Insurance Claim

Social Security Disability

Obama Orders Doctors & Scientists To Look Out For And Monitor Health Effects Of Spill On Workers & Residents

Safety and Health Awareness for Oil Spill Cleanup Workers

Testimony of Tom Galligan Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on The Risky Business of Big Oil: Have Recent Court Decisions and Liability Caps Encouraged Irresponsible Corporate Behavior?

Hopper Dredge Safety: Building Louisiana Sand Berms to Block the BP Oil Spill is Dangerous Work

Extra oil rig survivor part 4

Extra oil rig survivor part 3

Health Concerns Mount As Oil Clean Up Continues

OSHA Warns of Cleanup Health Risks- Writes Letter To BP

Fishermen Helping To Cleanup The BP Spill Report Illness From Chemicals; Toxicologist say Chemicals Can Lead Serious Bodily Injury and Even to Death.

Two Members of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Die in Unrelated Events

Update on bp effect on gulf

Extra oil rig survivor part 2

Mariner Energy May Face Noncompliance & Civil Charges for September Oil Rig Fire in the Gulf of Mexico

West Jefferson Medical Center Is Setting Up First Aid Tent on Grand Isle for Injured Oil Spill Cleanup Workers

Extra oil rig survivor part 5

Louisiana DHH Releases Oil Spill-Related Exposure Information

Louisiana Officials Request OSHA Conduct Full Investigation of BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Worker Conditions

Louisiana bp spill in the gulf

Issues of Human Health Associated With the Deepwater Horizon Crude Oil Spill

Hospitalized Fisherman Injured While Performing BP Cleanup Work Files Temporary Restraining Order Against BP

Extra oil rig survivor part 6

Extra oil rig survivor part 1