Six Important Things You May Want to Find LOUISIANA UNIFORM CRASH REPORT.

1 Fault ContributingFactor

1. Fault - What drivers are at fault?

  • Look for sections that detail the narrative of the crash and the diagram of the crash scene. These provide insights into how and why the crash occurred.
  • The officer’s opinion regarding fault may be recorded, often based on factors like traffic violations, witness statements, and physical evidence.
  • There might be specific codes or checkboxes indicating violations or contributing factors by each driver.
2 Insurance

2. What insurance did the at-fault driver have?

  • This information is usually found in the section where driver details are recorded, including their name, address, driver’s license information, and insurance details.
  • Look for fields labeled as “Insurance Company” or similar terms.

3. Were any injuries reported?

  • Check the section detailing injuries. This often includes a list of all individuals involved and specifies whether each person was injured, the type of injury, and its severity.
  • There might be checkboxes or codes indicating the presence and severity of injuries for each individual.

4. Was the at-fault driver intoxicated from alcohol or drugs?

  • This information can usually be found in the section of the report dealing with the at-fault driver’s condition at the time of the crash.
  • Look for fields or checkboxes that indicate whether the driver was tested for alcohol or drugs, and the results of these tests.

5. Was anyone taken to the hospital by ambulance?

  • In the section detailing injuries or in a separate section for emergency response, look for information regarding ambulance transport.
  • There might be checkboxes or fields indicating whether each injured individual was transported to a hospital, and if so, whether it was by ambulance.
6 WhereCarTowed

6. Where was my car towed to?

  • Tow information is typically recorded in a section dedicated to vehicle information post-crash.
  • Look for fields that include the name of the towing service and the location where the vehicle was towed.
The Louisiana Crash Data Element Manual may provide further detailed instructions on how to accurately interpret each of these sections and the specific data elements they contain.

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