Property Damage Claims: Trouble With Your LaCombe, Slidell, Little Woods, Marrero or Bush Hail & Wind Damage Adjuster? Consult With New Orleans & Baton Rouge Insurance Lawyer For Hail & Wind Damage Victims

While some longstanding State Farm policyholders may still have a fixed $500 deductible, most Gretna, LaPlace, New Orleans LaCombe, Slidell, Little Woods, Marrero and Bush Homeowners suffering structural damage due to the Spring Hail Storms and tornadoes will probably face a deductibles based upon a percentage of the structural policy limits instead of a fixed deductible of say $500.

Homeowners, be careful as you might be shortchanged when the homeowners insurance adjuster refuses to pay your loss because “the damage is less than the percentage deductible”.

The adjuster may have overlooked hidden structural damage or mold or may have miscalculated the cost of repair. Or the adjuster may even go as far as to try improperly exlcude covered damage under a policy provision.

A Hale Damage Lawyer can assist you hiring professional to prove your claim, including engineers, mold and meteorological experts so that you can fully recover your damages, including your recoverable depreciation, debris removal costs and other damages.

The Homeowners Insurer must pay the insured homeowners “a figure over which reasonable minds could not differ” within a timer period set by law or be subject to bad faith penalties.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Property Damage Claim call a Property Damage Claims Lawyer.

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