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400: Too many fonts requested for Internet Explorer

Please request fewer web fonts for Internet Explorer or only the fonts which are used on this page. Older versions of Internet Explorer block and download ALL requested web fonts, whether they are used or not.

Requested (8) web fonts: Family{name=Montserrat, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v15} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Muli, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v22} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Mulish, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v1} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Noto Serif, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v9} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Prompt, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v4} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Roboto, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v20} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Roboto Slab, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v12} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=Rubik, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v11} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0})

For reference, see the Google Fonts API documentation.

Christie V. Pigéon :: New Orleans Insurance Lawyer Lavis Law Firm - Personal Injury & Accident Attorney | New Orleans Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyer

Christie V. Pigéon


Local: 504.834.4000

Toll Free: 866.558.9151

Phone: 504.558.9151

700 Camp St #435 New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Christie V. Pigéon received her certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of New Orleans in December of 2009 and joined Lavis Law firm in 2010. As a Paralegal to Charles Lavis Jr, Christie organizes and maintains legal files, helps with investigations, gathers and organizes information necessary to process claims, and assists in drafting Petitions, other legal documents, and correspondence. Christie recognizes the importance of giving clients individual attention and is well regarded and liked by clients. Outside of work, Christie enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and entertaining.
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