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3 Feet Rule for Bicycles

The Colin Goodier Protection Act was created in honor of Dr. Colin Goodier who was killed on June 9, 2008, when a truck passing Colin, who was riding on his bike, entered into the bicycle training route. Shortly after this accident Colin’s family as well as others affected by similar tragic incidents began pushing Louisiana to follow in the footsteps of 12 other states in passing this law. Nationally, two percent of traffic fatalities involve bicycles, a statistic which has pushed states into providing more safety provisions for bicyclists.

The new law, which was signed by Governor Jindal on August 10, 2009, was designed to protect bicyclists on the road by requiring passing vehicles to maintain a three foot distance between themselves and the rider. Violations of this law can result in a fine of up to $250.00. RS 32:76.1, Limitations on Passing Bicycles, also called on the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to begin a public awareness campaign to educate the public about this new law.

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