Where can a Louisiana life insurance beneficiary get a certified copy of a death certificate?

louisiana certificate of death

One of the steps a beneficiary take to make a successful claim for life insurance benefits is to obtain a certified copy of the Louisiana death certificate. The death certificate, if ready, can be purchased from the offices below:

The State Registrar & Vital Records office is located at
1450 Poydras Street
Suite 400
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone 504-593-5100

Some Clerks of Court provide certified copies of death certificates.

How to Obtain Copies of a Death Certificate

Call the State Registrar & Vital Records office before stopping by to pick up a copy of the death certificate because it may not be ready.  The general timeline and procedure for getting the death certificate to the State of Louisiana Registrar & Vital Records are:

  1.  Funeral director prepares and files the original death certificate within five days of the death;
  2. Louisiana law provides that the last physician to attend a decedent within 10 days of death must complete and execute a death certificate within 24 hours of death;
  3. These deadlines are often ignored by the last attending physician and funeral director (who may be waiting on the attending physician);  The Louisiana State Board of Medical