Documenting & Photographing The Scene of A New Orleans Car Accident

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Documenting & Photographing a Car Accident Scene: A Critical Step Amid New Orleans Police Department's Response Delays & Failure To Show Up

In light of the growing concerns over excessive wait times for the New Orleans Police Department to respond to car accident scenes, it’s become increasingly important for individuals involved in such incidents to take proactive steps in documenting the scene. Car accident documentation is not just a matter of record-keeping; it plays a crucial role in the success of any subsequent injury insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits. As an attorney who has reviewed many auto accident scene photos, I offer comprehensive guidance on capturing the accident scene using your smartphone, be it an iPhone, Android, or other devices, ensuring you have all the necessary evidence to support your case.

Understand you will most likely need a New Orleans car accident lawyer near you to help you through the legal process after an accident. Be sure to contact us once you are ready to move forward with a lawsuit. 

Photos Approaching The Car Accident Scene

Before you begin, ensure it is safe to take photos. Your safety and that of others is paramount. Start by capturing wide-angle shots that show the approach to the accident scene. These photos can provide context to the location, showcasing road signs, traffic lights, or any obstructions that might have contributed to the car accident.

Eyewitnesses' Viewpoint Photographs

If there are eyewitnesses, consider taking photos from their viewpoint. This can help corroborate their testimonies with visual evidence, providing a clearer understanding of how the accident unfolded from multiple perspectives.

Pics of the Position of the Vehicles

Photograph the position of all vehicles involved in the accident before they are moved. Capture different angles to show the relationship between the vehicles, which can help in reconstructing the accident and determining fault.

Position of Victims Photos

Should it be appropriate and without infringing on anyone’s privacy or well-being, document the position of victims. This sensitive step should be approached with respect and only undertaken if it can be done without causing distress.

Point of Impact Images

Close-up photos of the point of impact on each vehicle are crucial. These images can reveal the direction and speed of the impacts, contributing significantly to fault determination.

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Overall View of the Scene

Take several photos that capture the entire scene. These should include the surrounding area, traffic controls, weather conditions, and any other relevant environmental factors. An overall view can provide context that individual close-ups cannot.

Closeups of Accident Details

Detail shots are essential for illustrating the extent of damage and any contributing factors to the accident. This includes vehicle damage, skid marks, road debris, and any visible injuries. Such details can be critical in insurance assessments, potential damages awarded, and legal proceedings.

Tips for Effective Photography

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The delays experienced with the New Orleans Police Department in responding to accident scenes underscore the importance of thorough documentation. By following these guidelines, you can gather critical evidence for your personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit, significantly increasing your chances of a successful outcome. Remember, while capturing these details, prioritize safety and respect for all parties involved. Your smartphone can be a powerful tool in safeguarding your rights and interests following an accident.

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