Life Insurance Policy Claim Denied?

What is Security Plan Life Insurance Company’s Louisiana Complaint Record?

  • 29 complaints in 2017
  • 38 complaints in 2016
  • 96 complaints in 2015

Security Plan Life Insurance Company (SPLIC) is located at 205 Railroad Avenue, Donaldsonville, LA 70346 and is a subsidiary of Citizens, Inc. (Citizens), an insurance holding company. Security Plan Life Insurance Company is a Home Service Insurance company that focuses on the life insurance needs of the middle and lower income markets, primarily in Louisiana and surrounding States.  Its policies are sold through funeral homes and are also sold by door to door sales agents who sell policies, collect premiums and service Louisiana policyholders.  In 2015, 96 complaints were filed with the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, in 2016, 38 complaints were filed and in 2017 29 complaints.



  1. death during the contestability period;
  2. type of death not covered under the policy;
  3. failure of insured to disclose relevant personal information; and
  4. failure to timely pay policy premiums

If you are an insurance beneficiary and your claim has been denied or delayed, an experienced life insurance lawyer can ensure your rights are protected when filing an insurance claim. We care about your best interests and stand in your corner.



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