13,000 Louisiana Homes Damaged by Hurricane Isaac

Throughout the state of Louisiana, at least 13,000 homes, including 7,000 homes in LaPlace and 130 homes in Madisonville, were damaged or destroyed as a result of Hurricane Isaac. Areas in Braithwaite experienced up to 12 feet of water, while LaPlace and St. Martin experienced a high of 8 feet of water. While Hurricane Isaac was only classified as a Category One hurricane, it was a very large storm and moved at the slow speed of six miles an hour, causing more damage than initially anticipated. While most of the water from Hurricane Isaac has receded, the resulting damage could cost up to two billion dollars.

Nationally, 97% of homeowners have a homeowners’ insurance policy, which covers wind damage from hurricanes; however, only 13% of people nationally have flood insurance, which covers rain damage, costal storm surges, and failure of levees or dams. People without insurance may qualify for FEMA assistance; however, the amount of assistance is generally lower than the actual cost of repair and federal assistance cannot duplicate any insurance coverage a homeowner may already have. FEMA rental assistance can last for up to 18 months, depending on a family’s circumstances.

For homeowners who do have insurance, if your insurance company has told you that you have been fully paid, but you still do not have enough money to pay for all of your repairs, additional money is likely due. It is your right to make a claim for additional insurance money. If you do not, the opportunity can be lost and you can be barred from seeking the money you are owed. You must act promptly in demanding your fair benefits for your Hurricane Isaac losses.

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