Does Louisiana Have the Worst Drivers?

In the state of Louisiana, residents pay a lot for auto insurance, and insurance companies generally look carefully at local risk factors – now, there’s evidence that Louisiana road risks are uniquely frightening in a key way.

New studies are showing that in some ways, Louisiana drivers rank at the top of a national shortlist of states where drivers are likely to engage in careless or reckless behaviors. A recent study from has been reported in local media venues like the Shreveport Times web site, and national affiliates like Fox 44 in Baton Rouge. For this study, researchers used metrics such as traffic fatality rates, as well as rates of drunk driving, failure to obey seat belt and traffic laws, and rates of traffic citations. The resulting ‘composite score’ rated Louisiana as the worst driving state in the country, which is news for residents, as well as a New Orleans car accident lawyer or other professionals who consult with drivers regularly.

Outcomes for Louisiana Residents

The idea that Louisiana drivers have to contend with the worst driving community in the country is not a welcoming thought for those who live in or near areas of the state, or others who drive there regularly. Reckless driving, in general, is one of the core risk factors for the kinds of auto accidents that generate so much personal injury and property damage each year, and push insurance rates up for drivers. Even those who are not directly involved in an accident will pay more to their insurers because of these risks.

However, for those who are involved in collisions, the results are much more personal and much more extreme. A New Orleans car accident lawyer or other local legal professional sees the effects of car accidents on people’s lives in this busy urban area. Aside from tragic accident fatalities and severe personal injury, the aftereffects of car accidents can leave individuals unable to transport themselves to jobs or to provide for themselves financially.

A car accident has a significant impact on someone’s quality of life. That’s why the kinds of numbers reported by survey firms and national groups like the NHTSA matter so much, not only to state officials but to individual drivers and their families, as well as those who respond to these kinds of roadside tragedies.

Staying Protected

There is a lot that Louisiana drivers can do to lower their chances of an accident. Good driving strategies include defensive driving, careful evaluation of changing traffic patterns, inclement weather and low visibility conditions, and careful judgment and discernment on when and where to drive.

Residents can also seek help from a qualified New Orleans car accident lawyer after an accident to make sure they are shielded from unfair awards or penalties – call the offices of Lavis Law to get legal representation on your side, to deal with everything that happens after an unfortunate auto accident.

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